Mango Jelly

Mango Jelly

Mango is in season now and our family loves this fruit. Kids always ask for jelly at home and what’s better than making jelly with fresh fruits.. and if made with our favourite fruit kids will be extra happy.

For Mango Jelly:

2 cups Mango Puree, fresh or canned (I have used around 4 fresh mangoes to get the pulp)

A cup of water *check notes

2 tbsp. Sugar (Add extra if needed)

2 ½ tbsp. Agar Agar strands


First soak agar agar in a bowl of hot water for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the jelly mould.

Take the mango puree in a pan and bring it to gentle boil on a low flame. Add sugar and simmer it until the sugar is completely dissolved. Switch off the flame and pour into the prepared moulds. Chill it in the fridge for 2 hours so that the jelly sets up well and cools before we serve it.

While the jelly is setting let us prepare the Red Currant Compote.

for the currant compote:

1 cup currants fresh or frozen is fine * check notes

¼ th cup granulated sugar

A tsp. water

¼ th tsp. arrowroot powder or cornstarch

To make the red currant compote:

Combine all of the ingredients in a medium-sized pot and cook over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, until the sugar melts. then continue to cook the currants until they simmer. continue to simmer for about 10 tminutes or so, until the mixture thickens and reduces. set aside to cook.

Assembling part of the jelly and compote-

Unmold the jelly and place on the serving plate and pour a tsp of red currant compote on the jelly and serve immediately.

Aps Notes

For the Mango Jelly you can use milk instead of water this will give a milkshake taste to the jelly but as the compote I am using is a little sour I have not used milk.

The compote can be used as a spread for bread or chapathi.