Magge koddel

A delicious coconut-based curry with garlic seasoning is called ‘koddel’ in Konkani. For those who do not eat garlic it’s just coconut oil +hing. Here's one such delicious curry's recipe.

Field marrow also called as Mangalore cucumber or Madras cucumber i.e., magge in Konkani,drumsticks is added for extra flavour and taste. During jackfruit season bikkand(jackfruit seeds) are added which gives a lovely texture. Serve this curry hot with steaming hot rice for lunch or dinner and enjoy! This goes good even with dosas.

As Magge is a  fairly cheap vegetable in Mangalore this koddel was made regularly in Amchi houses and it is available round the year. My mamama used to say, people tie the magge with plantain rope and hang them by the ceiling to keep them fresh through the rainy season when all vegetables aren't available.


1 medium sized Mangalore cucumber

10 jackfruit seeds skin peeled

1 cup coconut

6 dried red chillies

1 small ball of tamarind (just a peanut sized)

2 tablespoons of oil

12-15garlic cloves

Salt to taste

Serves: 4

Preparation Time: 40 minutes


Peel the jackfruit seeds and crush it slightly and pressure cook for 3 whistles or till done.

Meanwhile peel, deseed, chop Mangalore cucumber(magge) into cubes. Remove the seeds, remove the part to which the seeds attach completely.

Add a cup of water and cook the magge in a vessel. Add salt to taste and cook until done.

While the magge is cooking lets prepare the masala.

Preparing the masala:

Firstly, fry dried red chillies in a pan on medium flame without adding any oil.

Once the chillies are cooled, grind together coconut, tamarind, and red chillies to a very smooth paste, add very little water to make the masala.

Keep the masala aside.

The white colour of the magge turns a little transparent that’s when it shows the magge is done.

When the Mangalore cucumber is almost boiled, add cooked bikkand/jackfruit seeds and cook.

Add the masala, to the cooking vessel and bring it to a good boil.

Check for salt.

Simmer for few minutes and put off flame.

For the seasoning

Heat a tadka pan or small pan add coconut oil.

Slightly crush the garlic pods along with skin.

Fry the garlic till dark golden brown (not burnt).

Season the curry with garlic fried in oil.

Serve hot with rice

Aps notes:

As I didn’t find good drumsticks this week I haven’t used them.  If you find drumsticks cut them into 3 inch pieces, cook them and add when magge is cooked.

If garlic isn’t used in your house you can just add 2 tbsp of raw coconut oil and a tsp of hing water 9(1/4 th tsp hing powder)to the curry once you’ve switched off the flame. There is no need to heat the oil or hing.

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