Keerla phodi-phodi series

Keerlu in Konkani means Bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are commonly used in many Asian countries, India being one. On the onset of Monsoon, I remember my Anu(dad) getting fresh bamboo shoots from the market (Central Market). Amma used clean it and preserve atleast 2-3 kgs in salt so that it can be used throughout the year and rest were used fresh. The fresh keerlu were tied in a cotton cloth and tied to a rope and dropped in the well for 3 days in order to remove the bitterness of the shoots. If you don’t have a well it would be added in normal water and every 24 hours the water would be changed to remove the bitterness. In Konkani cuisine it is used to make many dishes like sanapolo/spicydosa, phodi/fritters, pickle, coconut gravy etc.

For making keerla phodi, I used the shoots that my Amma pickled last year.

Pickled bamboo shoots are smashed really well and are then deep or shallow fried in oil until they are crisp. These crispy, shallow fried bamboo shoots are served as side dish for lunch with dal.

All you need to make crispy pickled bamboo shoots is coconut oil(preferably) and pickled bamboo shoots. If you use pickle bamboo shoots no need to soak in water for 3 days. If using fresh bamboo, you need to soak it for 3 days in water.

You can use Pickled Bamboo shoots or fresh bamboo shoots or canned bamboo shoots.

This is what we need for the paste:

Rice- 1 Cups (soaked in water for 5 hrs.) (you can adjust according to quantity of veggies)

Byadgi Red chillies – 20 (don’t worry you can add more if you like spicy) *

Hing /Asafetida – a peanut sized or 1/4th tsp.


Bamboo Shoots- 200 gms

Phodi Peet- recipe above

Salt- To taste



Wash the bamboo shoots thoroughly. Then crush them using a hard object such a stone or a pestle.

Now take the crushed bamboo shoots in a bowl. To this add phodi peet and salt.(if using the bamboo shoots preserved in salt or can- soak the crushed shoots in water for atleast an hour to remove excess salt). Mix well.

 Don't add water as the shoots will have enough water in it.

Keep the marinated bamboo shoot for an hour so that the spice seeps in the shoots.

Now deep fry the bamboo shoots in hot coconut oil till it turns crisp.

Aps Notes:

I will share pickling of bamboo shoots when I find fresh bamboos.

If using salt pickled bamboo then the shoots must be washed once and allowed to soak in water for an hour please check salt after adding phodi peet. If there is need then add salt or else you might end up with a salty phodi.

If using canned bamboo then the shoots must be washed once and allowed to soak in water for half an hour.

There is one more method just crush the bamboo shoots well and then add phodi peet and drop in oil as balls this will look like ambade.