Dudde Kale - Phodi Series


                               Dudde Kale Phodi- read as duddey kaley

Dudde means Pumpkin and kalo means bud. So dudde kalo means pumpkin flower buds. This Phodi is made using this buds and are super tasty. This is another GSB Konkani variety of phodi. Apart from the root of the pumpkin the whole plant is edible.

We use the kalo and the leaves to make phodi and the stem to make curry.

Finding dudde kalo is a big task but once when they cleaned the neighboring garden patch they were about to throw the extra creeper but I decided to ask them for it and happily got it.

My parents were there here that time they say its been ages they have never eaten it because these buds are scarce in market.

This is what we need for the paste:

Rice- 1 Cups(soaked in water for 5 hrs) (you can adjust according to quantity of veggies)

Byadgi Red chillies – 20 (don’t worry you can add more if you like spicy) *

Hing /Asafetida – a peanut sized or 1/4th tsp.


Grind all these ingredients into a smooth and thick paste (do not add much water. U can store this in fridge if remaining for 3 days and in freezer for 10-15 days) *

For Dudde Kale  Phodi we need

Dudde kale- 25-30

Salt to taste

Phodi peet


Firstly, you need to clean the dudde kalo. Seperate the tender stalks from each Pumpkin flower bud and keep aside. Remove the green sepals around the Pumpkin flower buds and keep aside. Discard the green sepals.

Wash the buds in water two three times and drain water completely from the flower buds and keep aside.

Apply salt to the kalo and coat the phodi peet making sure each kalo is coated well you can add very little water while mixing. The batter must not be runny like a bajiya batter. Be gentle while mixing as the flower buds are delicate.

Check for salt add more if needed.

Let it marinate for a hour or hour and a half.

Heat coconut oil or any other oil of your choice for deep frying.

Add the coated kalo into hot oil and fry on medium high heat till the outer covering of the kalo gets crisp and crunchy.

Drain the dudde kale phodi on a clean kitchen paper and serve hot.

The Texture of the phodi is crisp outside and slightly soft inside.

Aps Note:

The phodi peet if kept in freezer needs to be thawed before used.

Salt is not added while grinding the peet because if the peet is made in excess it doesn’t ferment and spoil easily when stored.

The number of chillies added above won’t make the phodi spicy as we are deep frying. 

If you find bloomed pumpkin flowers then you can apply the same batter and tawa fry it with little oil. If we deep fry the phodi will soak oil.

Enjoy Making these phodis if you find dudde kalo.
Happy Cooking,