Birinda Kadi without Coconut / Sol Kadi without Coconut

Birinda as we call in Konkani and kokum in hindi is a tropical fruit which has a tangy flavour and filled with vitamin C. As kids we grew up drinking Birinda kadi in the summers. I grew in my mamama’s place until I was 10 years old and there they used to get a big lot of birinda ( I have no idea from where though as I did not even bother to know and just relish it) and later she used to use them to make birinda kadi 2 varieties one with coconut milk and other without coconut milk and rest she sun dried them and then when I started living separately with my parents Anu(dad) used to get birinda from central market(main vegetable market in Mangalore) and my mom did the same. And during all this I remember eating the seeds without biting it as it would leave a sticky yellow teeth. I was not allowed to eat much of these seeds as mamama and amma always told it was Pitta/bile yet I loved it.

This fruit looks similar to Mangosteen but the uses of both the fruits are totally different in Mangosteen only the seed is eaten and Birinda only the skin is used.
Birinda kadi/Sol Kadi is a refreshing Konkani drink made with kokum with or without Coconut. Today I am writing a recipe which requires no coconut and can be made easily. Once you try it, we are sure you’ll be hooked to this unique Indian drink recipe. This drink is famous in Mangalore and in Goa it is served in almost all temples there.  Today I am posting recipe learnt from my mamama and amma.
This click was inspired by Kudpi Maam of kudpiraj's garam tawa. 

Ingredients Needed to make Birinda Kadi/Sol Kadi
Dried Kokum (if you find fresh then use them it’s just super) – 6-7 pieces
Sea salt to taste
Jaggery powdered – 3tbsp or according to sweetness required
Green chillies -2 no’s slit into pieces
Compound hing a pinch diluted in water (or just a pinch or 2 of asafoetida powder)
Coriander (Cilantro)leaves a few sprigs finely chopped
Water 4 cups approx

Soak the Kokum in the bubbling hot water around 1 cup for about an hour (or just add water in the peel and cook it for 10 minutes and allow to rest for half an hour) and chill the remaining the 3 cups of water in the refrigerator.
Grind it in a blender or mixie.
Strain the mixture through a sieve.
To this add Jaggery and salt,hing water(or hing powder), slit green chillies and mix it well.
Now add the remaining 3 cups of chilled water and mix well.
Add in the coriander/cilantro leaves and mix well.
Check salt and sweetness.
Serve Chilled.
This is my darling daughter Manya as the hand model for the picture. She wanted me to take a picture like this and she loved it.

If you wish to serve it at room temperature you need not chill the water but it tastes great if chilled.
We can either drink as a juice or even serve with white rice (if serving with rice then reduce the water to 3 cups and serve at room temperature not chilled).

Happy Cooking,