Pumpkin Sago Pudding

I love any kind of kheer or puddings made with the lovely Sago Pearls. I have made Sago Mango Pudding and have used the same recipe but instead of a fruit I have used a Vegetable which is sweetish and one such dish which makes a good combo in sweet dish and that is Pumpkin.
Here is what we need for Pumpkin Sago Pudding:
Pumpkin cooked and pureed – 1 ¼ th cup
Sago - 1/3 rdcup
Sugar - 4 tbsp
Milk(Boiled & Cooled) - ½  cup + ¼ th cup
Condensed Milk - ¼ th cup
Dry fruits chopped to serve
Wash the Sago and cook it water approx 2 cups until done. Strain it and keep the sago aside for later use.
Now heat a deep bottom pan and add in the pumpkin puree and cook for a few minutes(approx 2 minutes).
Add in the condensed milk, sugar and milk and mix well until the sugar is dissolved and it comes to a rolling boil.
Now add the cooked sago and mix well give it a good stir and chill it until you are ready to serve.
Top it with chopped dry fuits and Serve chilled. 
Adding sugar depends on the sweetness of the pumpkin, if the pumpkin on itself is sweet adjust the sweetness.
You can add ½ cup condensed milk instead of Sugar.
You can add saffrom or elaichi powder if you wish to.
Till Later then,
Happy Cooking,


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