Capsicum Polthein/Capsicum Raitha

Raitha has always been one of our favorite yogurt based dish. I never knew it could be made with Capsicum too until I saw it in a food group in FB by Jaya Venugopal.
This is easy to make and is called Polthein in Konkani or simply call it Capsicum raitha.
I have made it many a times and even used colour capsicumand onion too it just tastes WOW.

Here is what we need
1 big sized capsicum
1 cup yogurt/curds slightly sour
Freshly grated coconut – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
A tsp oil
For Seasoning:
1 tsp oil
½ tsp mustard seeds,
¼ th tsp urad dal
½ tsp jeera/cumin seeds
1 red chilli broken into bits
A pinch of hing
Curry leaves few

Chop capsicum into small bits. Sauté well in oil(add salt to taste) ,should be crisp, don’t overcook it. Then in the sour curds add 1 table spoon of coconut grating which is optional (I Have skipped it)Add the cooked capsicum in the curd and season with urad dal mustard,jeera,dried red chillies or green chillies,hing,curry leaves.
Serve it with rice or anything of your choice.

Happy Cooking,


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