First Sunday with my Hubby in Jeddah

Hey guys!! Enjoyed ur weekend??? We did too.... this time it was double weekend.. our regular weekend is on Thursday and Friday.... We got a bonus A Sunday too... every time there was a Sunday missing in Jeddah as it was a week day... we found it this time... next week we lose it again...... ;). As it was Easter my hubby had off. I decided to prepare something yummm nd his fav too... My fav also but first preference this time is to my Dear Husband.

In Mlore we used to get Ready made puris and then mae the msala nd relish them,here we dont get ready made puris so i had to make them.Pani Puri Is every bodys fav in our place. The first time i had prepared puris for pani puri it dint fluffL. I asked Uj as to how it wud fluff she told me the recipe but i never found time to make them... when Uj posted her recipe last month i decided of doing them but again Lazy Dazy!! Yest i decided i shud prpr them... and hog. Before preparing them i asked my hubby to adjust if the puris don’t fluff but BOY!!!!!! It did fluff (no boundaries to my joy). After it was done my Hubby was on nd on relishing them. We love it. My hubby has even aske me for a pani puri session when we r in Mlore :). Nd yeh tht my Burgers Tasted Like Mc.D we even have burger party there.
I had the yum yum Pani puri. I followed Ujwals Recipe for Paani Puri but I made some changes in the Pani puri instead of wheat flour I used APF( all purpose flour) and for the masala i used boiled and mashed potatoes parboiled moong(un sprouted), salt, onions and chaat masala. And for the sweet chutney i added 10-12 dates which i had soaked for 15 minutes in hot water and ground it with jaggery tamarind 2 red chillies. Then mixed it with salt..

Thank u Uj for ur recipe...
All u have chaat corners at ur place??? Here we don’t have.... I m missing India ...... ;-( :(. But soon we’ll be there for our vacations.... All my friends myt be missing India too..
Ne ways Time to say Ta ta Byeeeee.



Wow you are having yum time. Enjoy!
Asha said…
Looks like you had a blast, platter looks delicious. Enjoy! :))
Namrata Kini said…
Pani Puri looks yum. Your puris have become nice and fluffy.
Pavithra said…
Hey ur blog is looking colourful...I love chat..Pls join me when u do next time
Malar Gandhi said…
Love to eat paani poori with friends...this spread makes me to crave for it...
Aparna Prabhu said…
Yeh Lubna we had a yum time!
Thank u Asha,Namratha.
Pavithra Lemme know when u r free nd get contact me i'll make them for u.
Thank u MG for ur lovely FB
Pavithra said…
Aparna please pick ur award from my blog.
Aparna Prabhu said…
Thank u pavithra for ur award!!

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