Kadgi Manchurian/Tender Jackfruit Manchurian/ Gujje Manchurian

My dad always told me that (Ram Lunch a restaurant in Mangaluru) sold Chakko ( a Konkani delicacy) in name of gujje Manchurian and I always laughed as I didn’t see it myself ;) , I always wondered how this manchurian would taste!
 Now I can say it’s just wonderful. The combination of traditional veggie in a indo chinese gravy is just awesome. This was made when my parents got me a tender jackfruit for us. I got very good reviews about my dish from family and friends so it had to take place in our blog J.
"Tender Jackfruit/Kadgi Manchurian" Required Ingredients and preparationprocedure,given here. Try it  yourselves  and give your valuable opinion.

Here is the recipe for Kadgi/Tender Jackfruit/gujje manchurian :
1.Raw Tender  Jackfruit  -1 cup cut into bit sized chunks
2.Onion- 2 finely chopped
4.Ginger and garlic chopped - 1tsp
5.Green chilies  -2 -3 cut into slits
6.Soya sauce -1tsp
7.Redchilly sauce -1tsp
8.Tomato sauce -1tsp
9.Vinegar- ½ tsp
10. Salt to taste
11. Cornflour -2 tsp
12.Spring Onion greens- 2 tbsp

For the batter: *check notes
Maida 1 tbsp
Rice Flour – 2 tbsp
 Cornflour= 2 tbsp
Gramflour -2 tbsp
  Salt 1/2tsp
Red chilly sauce 2tsp
Soya sauce 1tsp
Ginger and Garlic paste 1tsp.

1. Steam cook jackfruit chunks until cooked(but make sure it is not mushy). You can even pressure cook it without adding water to the jackfruit just for one whistle.
2. cool the tender  jackfruit chunks.
3.Dip the pieces in the batter and deep fry till crisp,drain on kitchen tissue.  
4.Heat a deep pan on high heat add 1 And 1/2 tsp oil
5.Add chopped Ginger and garlic immediately and sauté.
6.Add chopped onion,and green chillies. Add salt so that onions cook quickly.
7.Mix well and fry until raw smell is gone.
9. Add Green chilly sauce ,Soya sauce and add tomato sauce
10.Take 2 tsp Cornflour mixed with 4 tsp water and add to it and stir quickly add the fried jackfruit pieces and sauté for 2 minutes on high flame.
12.Switch off the flame.
14.Garnish with spring onion leaves. Enjoy

This is my secret of making the manchurian batter. Adding the sauces to the batter makes the fried pieces more tastier.
You can even add green chilli sauce instead of red chilli sauce.
Make sure you cook the jackfruit pieces, in case you don’t cook the jackfruit pieces will not absorb the sauces easily.
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I too tried.. came up superb..
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Thank you sudarshan for the feed back hope you try many more recipes from Aps kitchen and give such valuable feed back :)