Udid Rulava Idli / Rulava Idli - Urad and Rawa Idli

Its been so many years of blogging and I have no Idli recipe(even very less breakfast items) in my blog. Being a typical South Indian I had to post atleast one by now, so here is one of the easiest idli recipes. I assure you in coming days I will post many of the breakfast items made at Aps Kitchen.
Easy because you need no rice and grinding only the urad dal is a must.
Many of the Amchis  make these idlis during Upvaas (certain days like Ekadashi, Sankashti or any such day when rice is not being eaten). My amma makes it every now and then she doesn’t wait for any such days.
So lets get cooking.

We need:
 2 cup sooji/rava (the one used for upma) * see notes
1 cup 
urad dal

Soak urad dal in water for about 3hrs. Grind it to a very smooth batter. (There will be some air bubbles on top when it is finely ground. Also when you touch the batter, it feels very smooth). Add salt and mix again.
Take the rava in a clean towel and tie a knot around it. Keep this in a cooker and steam (without whistle) for about 10mins.
Cool the rava to room temperature and just rub it with your hands to remove lumps if any and keep it aside for later use.
Now aUrad batter must be kept aside overnight  or 8 hours for fermentation.
After fermentation  add in the rawa and mix very well just 5 minutes before making idlis. 
Now grease idli dish and pour the batter in it and steam it in a steamer or Pressure Cooker without weight/ whistle.
Serve hot with Sambar or Chutney of your choice.

There is no need to Steam the rava (amma doesn’t do it  if she is in hurry) its not compulsory but steaming the idli gives a lovely texture to the idlis.
Some even dry roast the rava before adding so you can do that too.
If you are using tilting grinder instead of mixer then the quantity of rawa can be increased as urad dal batter doubles up than in grinder.
See you soon,


Priya Suresh said…
Very different and delicious spongy idli.
Anonymous said…
The rava is usually added in the morning.are u sure it has to be mixed with batter and kept for fermenting
Aps Kitchen said…
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Aps Kitchen said…
@anonymous I am sorry it was a mistake which I didn't realise
I have corrected it and thank you so much for getting the mistake into light