Dudde Panna Phodi/pathrado -phodi series

Dudde Panna Phodi/pathrado

Hoorna (Roasted Black Gram powder/ roasted urad dal powder ) - 1/2 cup

Rice- 1 cup

Byadgi Red chilly -10

Hing - a pinch or 2

Salt – as per taste

 Water – as required

Coconut Oil - For deep frying ( you can use any other vegetable oil of your choice but COCONUT oil is the best for this)

For Dudde panna phodi we need

Dudde paan - 12-15

phodi peet


To make hoorna take 1/2 cup urad dal and fry it in low flame till it turns golden brown and fragrant. once cooled add it in a grinder and grind into a fine powder.

Wash the rice and soak for 3 hours and grind it along with chillies, hing and salt and very little water.

Grind it to make a thick and smooth paste.

This is how the masala must look. *check notes

Wash and wipe the Dudde leaves dry with a cotton cloth. 

Remove the veins behind the leaves making sure the leaves do not tear. 

Spread one facing the darker part downwards. 

Apply the masala over the back (where we have removed the thick stalk) in a thin layer keeping into consideration that the paste is spread over evenly. In the same way place another leaf over it and continue the same. 

Go on arranging layers to make sufficiently thick roll (it approximately takes 5 leaves) tucking the ends inside like we do in Alu wadi/pathrado.

Using a sharp slicing knife, make thin slices of the roll. 

Deep fry in hot oil in medium heat till crisp.

Aps Note:

If you are with a fear that these pathrado layers will fall apart while frying please tie knots with a thread leaving a inch gap on the roll and then cut. This avoids separation of the mixture and the leaves when fried, but my Amma never does it neither do I.

While spreading take add little water and then spread over the leaves. please do not add more water as the phodi's wont turn crisp

Now enjoy this for your Lunch with Dal and rice.

Happy Cooking,



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