Tender Coconut Ice-cream

Tender Coconut ice-cream.

We made a very small batch of this ice-cream as a trial and it was yum!

We Mangalorean’s love coconut in all forms then how not to love this ice-cream.

Tender coconut ice-cream is one of our favorite flavours from Naturals (a ice cream joint) . We were introduced to this ice-cream in late 90's in a shop in Bhavanthi street, Mangalore...even when Naturals hadn't launched in Mangalore. I remember dad taking us to that shop just to relish this ice-cream. He had many more street food joints but our favorite was this.

After few years the shop was shut and then coconut ice-cream was a memory.

After 2 years of marriage when I traveled to Mumbai that was the time, I tasted this ice-cream again from naturals. Now they have their store in Mangalore too...but now it's not a luxury like before we get to taste the ice-creams whenever we wish... But the pleasure of making your own ice-cream is just Wow. After eating this my kids were in the seventh heaven!

Make your own ice-cream relish it.


1 cup fresh cream

2 cup tender coconut pulp ( I have not used fresh cream instead have used 2 cups coconut pulp)

½ cup powdered sugar

1 cup Coconut milk (thick milk must be used)


Take tender coconut in a mixer jar, add coconut milk to it.

Grind it little chunky. Set aside. In a mixing bowl take fresh cream and start beating until soft peaks form now add powdered sugar to this and beat it well.

Add tender coconut mixture to this and mix well using a spatula.

Transfer the mixture to a freezer safe bowl cling wrap using a sheet or transfer into an air tight container, level it on top.

Freeze for 6 to 8 hours. I froze it for 6 hours. You can even freeze it overnight next day scoop and serve.

Serve chilled!

Aps Notes:

Instead of coconut milk and powdered sugar, you can add ¾ th cup condensed milk.

You can use ¾ th cup coconut cream instead of coconut milk.

I use fresh coconut milk.

Enjoy Making,

Till my next post,

Happy Cooking,



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