Karmbala Leya/Starfruit Lehyam

When I posted the star fruit picture in my Instagram stories many had asked me what I was going to do with it! I posted a leya or lehyam, soon many asked me for the recipe.

I do not have exact measurements of the Kashaya powder because a family friend of ours provide us the Kashaya powder whenever we need it. He has given me a rough measurement(because they do in bulk) of what we need for this powder and I am penning down the same.

Star fruit is very tasty fruit and has lot of health benefits. One natural benefit is it cures cold if had the right way.

I am posting a leya/lehyam made with star fruit juice which is natural throat soother.

I haven’t made it myself at home.

I had thought of filming step by step procedure of the same but could not do it since Amma makes it even before I am home.

This year I got to see how she made it but again step wise pictures weren’t clicked as I was busy understanding the method. Surely next time I will make sure to click step wise pictures and update here.

For the time being here is the recipe for those who had asked me this recipe.

All the ingredients mentioned will be available in Ayurveda shops except for star fruit.

The recipe is given with rough measurements as told by Bhandary maam.


1.      Black Pepper corns  2tsp

2.      Coriander seeds 2 ½ tsp

3.      Cardamom pod 1

4.      Indian long pepper or pipli 2 sticks

5.      Dried ginger ½ an inch

6.      Ashwagandha – 1 stick

7.      Jeshta madhu -1 stick

8.      Cloves -2

9.      Nutmeg powder – ¼ th tsp

10.   Palm Candy Sugar 90 grams

11.   Star fruit  -3  /appoxmiately 300 gms



For Kashaya powder-

The ingredients for kashaya powder is # 1-9

In a pan dry roast ingredients 1-4 till fragrant.

Now allow it t cool.

Once cooled add ingredients  pound all the ingredients 5-9 with the roasted spices,  with a pestle or in a food processor or mixie into a smooth powder .

To take the star fruit juice-

Take 3 medium starfruit  and remove the sides and roughly chop the star fruit and puree it in a blender.

Strain the juice to make leya.

In a thick bottomed pan , uruli or vessel, add star fruit juice, palm candy sugar( a pink colour candy sugar available in ayurveda shops), cook well in low heat till it becomes thick just like a sooji halwa consistency (making sure it does not stick to the bottom keep stirring every now and then).

To this add the Kashaya powder and mix well.

Cook for 5 more minutes (making sure it does not stick to the bottom keep stirring every now and then)and switch off the flame.

Allow it to cool.

Bottle and store in a cool place.

How to use:

Take a peanut size ball of the leya and keep it on your tongue and chew. Do not bite,allow the juices to naturally melt. This will not only sooth your throat but will also give other health benefits.

Aps Notes:

 It doesn’t get spoilt easily if made with patience and remember do not add even a single drop of water.

This requires lot of patience as the stirring process is a little lengthy.

Use a clean dry spoon , while removing  the leya/lehyam from the container .

The above recipe makes nearly, one small cup of leya/ lehyam.

This stays good for more than 6-7 months.

You can add a tsp more peppercorns and dry ginger each if you are not making it for your child, as kids cannot take extreme heat.

This isn’t tasty but its healthy and has no side effectss. Make your own leya and do let me know how you liked it.Till my next post, Happy Cooking, Aps 




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