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Rasmalai is one of our family favorite Indian sweet.Here I will write down how to make perfectly soft rasmalai at home. I hope it will be of some help to all my readers
For the rasmalai balls1-liter whole milk4 tablespoons lemon juice (strain the juice)*check notes1 teaspoon corn flour4 cups water1/2 cup sugarFor the ras [syrup]500 ml whole milk5-6 green cardamom pods peeled and crushed OR ¼ th tsp cardamom powdersaffron a pinch5-6 tablespoons sugarfinely chopped pistachios
INSTRUCTIONSRasmalai BallsBoil milk in a heavy bottom pan. Once it comes to a boil, switch off the flame.Wait for 5-10 minutes start adding lemon juice till milk curdles.Make sure the milk curdles completely.Using a strainer drain the water and collect the chena (this will be used as malai).Rinse it under tap water for atleast 3-4 times so that there's no trace of lemon juice in it.Leave it in the strainer for 25 minutes and then take the chena in your hand and squeeze out remaining water slowly.Add corn flour an…

Tender Coconut Ice-cream

Tender Coconut ice-cream.We made a very small batch of this ice-cream as a trial and it was yum!We Mangalorean’s love coconut in all forms then how not to love this ice-cream.Tender coconut ice-cream is one of our favorite flavours from Naturals (a ice cream joint) . We were introduced to this ice-cream in late 90's in a shop in Bhavanthi street, Mangalore...even when Naturals hadn't launched in Mangalore. I remember dad taking us to that shop just to relish this ice-cream. He had many more street food joints but our favorite was this.After few years the shop was shut and then coconut ice-cream was a memory.After 2 years of marriage when I traveled to Mumbai that was the time, I tasted this ice-cream again from naturals. Now they have their store in Mangalore too...but now it's not a luxury like before we get to taste the ice-creams whenever we wish... But the pleasure of making your own ice-cream is just Wow. After eating this my kids were in the seventh heaven! Make your …

Custard Powder Cake

Custard Powder CakeJust with a few ingredients we can make a yummy tea cake.
Ingredients:All Purpose Flour – 1 Cup / 140 gmsCustard Powder (Vanilla flavour) – 50 gms / 4 tbspsBaking powder – 1 tspVanilla extract - 1/2 tsp(if you don't have omit it)Sugar – ½ cup /100 gmsOil – ¼ cup / 60 mlMilk – ½ cup / 120 mlCashew nuts-2 tbsp (optional)

Method:In a mixing bowl add the milk, oil, sugar and whisk till the sugar dissolves for 5 minutes (if using electric mixer then will be done sooner), this won’t take long..In a separate bowl sieve, the flour, custard powder, baking powder and mix them well together.Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and gently fold them to make a smooth batter.Preheat oven @180° for 10 mins.Grease a cake pan with oil and keep aside.Pour the batter into the greased pan, top it with cashew nut bits (this is totally optional)and tap the cake tin twice (this will remove out air bubbles).Bake the cake in the preheated oven for 30-35 mins.Mine took exactly 35 …

Karmbala Leya/Starfruit Lehyam

When I posted the star fruit picture in my Instagram stories many had asked me what I was going to do with it! I posted a leya or lehyam, soon many asked me for the recipe.I do not have exact measurements of the Kashaya powder because a family friend of ours provide us the Kashaya powder whenever we need it. He has given me a rough measurement(because they do in bulk) of what we need for this powder and I am penning down the same.Star fruit is very tasty fruit and has lot of health benefits. One natural benefit is it cures cold if had the right way.
I am posting a leya/lehyam made with star fruit juice which is natural throat soother.I haven’t made it myself at home.I had thought of filming step by step procedure of the same but could not do it since Amma makes it even before I am home. This year I got to see how she made it but again step wise pictures weren’t clicked as I was busy understanding the method. Surely next time I will make sure to click step wise pictures and update here.

Ponsa Mulik/ Jack-fruit fritters

Just like ponsa muddo we make ponsa mulik which is a fried version of muddo.While muddo stays good only for a day or 2 mulik stays good for a week as its deep fried and can be had as a snack.The recipe is similar to muddo apart from deep frying and addition of water.For Mulik we need:2 cups yellow Jack-fruit, chopped(make sure jack-fruits are fully ripened)2 cups thick rawa/ bansi rawa/thick semolina¼ cup coconutJaggery 1/4 cup, or as required Salt just 2 pinchesghee to deep fryMethod:Method:Grind the jack fruit, salt, coconut, jaggery to a smooth paste. Do not add water as the jack fruit and jaggery releases its own water and that must be enough for mulik.Soak rawa in the paste for 15 minutes.The batter must look like thisHeat ghee in a pan.Drop in small balls of the batter into the hot ghee. Fry the mulik on medium high heat.Till they attain brown colour.Remove from ghee andd drain the mulik.Allow it to cool and store it in a air tight container.Enjoy mulik as a snack or tea time sn…

Ponsa Muddo/Pelakaida Gatti

Ponsa MuddoPonos means jackfruit in konkani and muddo means a lump. In tulu Pelakai means jackfruit and gatti means hard.This is a simple version of steamed jackfruit cake.This version uses rawa in the place of rice. In mom’s place rawa is used for some traditional reasons.For Muddo we need:2 cups yellow Jackfruit, chopped(make sure jackfruits are fully ripened)2 cups thick rawa/ bansi rawa/thick semolina¼ cup coconutJaggery 1/4 cup, or as required (may be omitted if jackfruit is extra sweet)Salt to tastewater as required5 to 6 banana leaves cut into medium sized square piecesMethod:Grind the jackfruit, salt, coconut, jaggery to a smooth paste.Soak rawa in the paste for 15 minutes.Meanwhile cut  banana leaves into square pieces like this. Check if the batter needs water. the batter must not be like regular idli batter,it must be a little thick than rawa idli batter. so adjust water accordingly.Place 1 ladle (or more depending on the size of the leaf)   Spread it lengthwise.Fold into  a…