Tiffinbox essentials

I always get messages about how I pack my tiffin where do I buy them what do I use for compartments and many more.This post is dedicated to all those questions.
Let's avoid plastic as much as possible, it might not be possible to remove everything in a go but lets take a step forward to avoid plastic.
First are these main tiffins which I got from https://www.amazon.in/Veiki-VEIGO-Stainless-Steel-yellow/dp/B06XQH3NJW. I got the basic size first later they introduced combo tiffins where steel chutney or sauce box was also available. You can check it there. The best part of this lock and lock clippers are they are detachable and can be fixed again. These tiffinboxes are easy to open and is airtight.
Now that I stay in UAE I have noticed these tiffin boxes are available on amazon.ae just type veigo steel lunchboxes and you will find them.
The other boxes with pink and green lids are from Al Maya supermarket a supermarket here in UAE.

The round one with red clippers are from Safeermarket.
Now for the chutney box – its from amazon again which I got in combo.
For placing the fruits,nuts, dips  and sides I use small bowls and silicon cupcake liners.
You might ask me what if I pack a dip in a small bowl and it leaks! I have a solution here we need square pieces of silver foil which will seal the bowls and it will not let the dip or side dish leak.

How I pack Kids tiffinbox?

Whenever I pack hot items like dosa, idli or pizza I place a piece of parchment paper so that there is no moisture to the food. This is not compulsory but I have made it a point to do it. I do not place parchment paper for rice items or noodles or anything that’s eaten with spoon.

For dips and sauce I mostly pack in the lock and lock steel small box but sometimes if I have 2 things to place in the same box I use small bowls or cupcake liners.
Water bottles are within 600 ml as the school has filter to refill.
 A main suggestion is please pack food as much as your kid can eat and not more as they aren't going to finish it and this is one thing I have realised in years now.

Here is a picture of my tiffinbox.

This is it for my Tiffin box essential.
I pack tiffin in separate bag so that the weight of the school bag is reduced.
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