Loshne Chutney Pitti/ / Garlic Chutney Powder

Loshne Chutney pitti or Garlic Chutney powder is a Konkani dish. My mamama used to make the best chutney pitti. I miss her very much now as she left us last year! But her memories will always be there with me.

Lets proceed to the recipe.

Here is what we need:

Sukkale Cobri/Dry copra/Dry Coconut – 1,grated *check notes
Indian Garlic pods – 3 medium,peeled* check notes
Red chillies – 15
Tamarind – a small lump
Salt to taste


In a thick bottomed kadai,roast garlic in a slow flame till it becomes golden in colour.
Transfer this in a plate.
To the same kadai add the grated cobri or copra or dessicated coconut and  roast till it gets evenly brown avoid burning, so do this on a low flame.once done remove it in the plate which has garlic
Now add the red chillies and roast it on a low flame till it evenly browns.Switch off the flame and allow everything to cool well.
Add all the roasted ingredients to a mixie jar or a spice powder jar along with  tamarind and salt to taste.
Powder into a mixer into a coarse chutney powder—Do not run the mixer for long or else the oil will ooze out.
Let it cool and then store in an air-tight glass container. 
Tastes great with rice and dal or even with dosas.

Aps Notes:
If you do not get dry copra feel free to use desiccated coconut. For the aboce mentioned garlic pods you will need a minimum or 2-3 cups of desiccated coconut.
I love indian garlic as it has a pungent flavor where as the china garlic doesn’t. if you use china garlic use a pod extra to get a strong flavor.
After grinding the pitti do check for salt, if you find the need then add salt in the mixer itself and give a pulse.
 You can even spread it over toasted bread and Enjoy!

I hope you liked the recipe.
For more such recipes,
Stay tuned!


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