Masala Bhutta|Chatpata Bhutta|Grilled Corn on the Cob - Stovetop method

Simple snacking is the best. No fancy items no much preparations and your snack item is ready within minutes!. Bhutta a.k.a Masala grilled corn is one such snack which I’ve loved ever since childhood. Though we didn’t get sweetcorn in Mangalore then it is available since many years now. Mom and I would take the kernels off the cob and store them in freezer for later use and some used to go in the cooker just to cook and eat and some would get grilled like this! We did have coal  grilling then but here at home it’s a little difficult so I am penning  down the stove top method.

Here is what we need:
1 sweet corn
1 lime, cut into half
Chilli powder add according to your spice level
Salt to taste
2 pinches of chaat masala (optional)

Remove the corn husk.
Grill the corn over a medium  low flame (for about 5-7 minutes), rotating until all sides are well charred.
Mix salt, chilli powder and chaat masala in a small bowl.
Dip a wedge of lime in the spice mixture and rub the lime and spice mixture against the corn while applying enough pressure to squeeze out the lime juice. Repeat several times, in order to thoroughly coat all sides of the grilled corn.
 Enjoy your chatpata Bhutta.

Some apply pudina chutney over this but I like it like this.
You can even do this on coal if you have some handy.
Enjoy making.
Happy Cooking!


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