Ambuli Pachodi - Raw Mango mixed with spice and coconut oil

Ambuli Pachodi is one famous street food in Mnagalore. Now that Raw mangoes are available in market it’s the perfect time to relish this if you are avid mango lover like me Us!
The recipe is very simple and requires minimal ingredients.
Raw Mango, preferably Totapuri or any mango that isn’t too sour- 1
Red Chilli Powder- To Taste
Salt- To taste
Hing water 2 drops or hing powder a pinch
Coconut Oil-1 tsp

Wash the raw mango and then chop it into small pieces. Transfer it into a deep bowl.
To this add salt, chilli powder.Mix well.
Finally add the coconut oil and give it a good mix.
 Ambuli Pachadi is ready to Serve!

Aps Notes:
If you can bear the sourness of raw mango then make it with the mangoes that are readily available in your region.
Totapuri actually gives a lovely flavor to this pachodi.
Enjoy Making,
Happy Cooking!


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