Goli Bajo/Goli Baje/Mysore bonda

Goli Bajo or Goli Baje is a popular snack in Mangalore. It’s requires no grinding and can be made easily. Goli means tiny ball sized. These can be served with chutney of your choice for a change I have served it with Tamdi chutney/red chutney.
Let’s get Cooking,
All purpose flour- 2 cups
Bengal gram flour/Besan- ½  cup
Buttermilk- ½  cup
Water- ½  cup
Sugar-2-3 tsp
Green chillies-4,finely chopped
Ginger-1 tsp, finely chopped
Salt- to taste
Cooking soda/Baking Soda-1 tsp
Oil- to deep fry
Water-to dip your hands

  1. In a bowl add salt,sugar, cooking soda ,minced green chillies and ginger,buttermilk and water.
  2. Add maida, gram flour/besan  and prepare the batter to a thick consistency by mixing it with your hands or a hand whipper.
  3. Ferment this batter  for an hour.
  4. The batter turns to be too rubbery/ looks chewy and that is how it has to be.
  5. Heat oil,dip your fingers  in water and take a lime sized batter with your four fingers and drop it slowly in oil by  pushing the batter in the oil with the help of your thumb finger.
  6. Fry it on a medium flame until golden brown in colour.
  7. Transfers the goli bajos in a kitchen towel to drain excess oil if any.
  8. Serve it hot with chutney.

 Aps Notes:
Add in more buttermilk if the the batter becomes too dry or extra flour if it becomes too watery.
If you do not have buttermilk mix 1/4th cup of sour yogurt with 1/4th cup of water and whisk till smooth.
Just dip your fingers in water only as required do not make your hands too watery.

In Mysore this is known as Mysore Bonda.
Enjoy making and eating Goli Bajo.

Happy Cooking,


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