Suran Shashliks

Suran Shashlik
This is one dish I learned from a food group in FB by Shilpa Rao and it was a instant hit at home. Do try if you love experimenting with food just like me and moreover its one super recipes for vegeterians.
1 Big piece of Yam or suran cut in to chunks (Be careful if its itchy)
Salt to taste
1 capsicum cut in to squares
1 white onion or red onion cut in to big squares and separated
For Marination
½ tea spoon red chilli pwd
¼ tsp garam masala pwd
¼ tsp haldi pwd
1 tsp achari masala (If you dont have achari masala add 1/4th tsp each of jeera and dhania powder,fennel seed powder with a hint of chat masala)
1 table spoon dahi/yogurt
Juice of ½  lime

Method :
Parboil the yam till soft but firm. After cooking discard the water.*check notes
After the yam has cooled mix all the above ingredients  mentioned under Marination and arrange on skewer if you don’t have skewer use toothpicks. One capsicum piece, One onion piece, one yam pieceat a time . Let it stay for 30 minutes
Sprinkle little oil on a pan and cook it on all sides. Turning all sides keeeping the flame very slow to avoid shashliks into turning black very soon!
Yummy vegetarian suran Shashliks are ready to eat ....serve with sprinkled chaat masala on top.
Serve it with some Yummy Dahi  Pudina Chutney or pudinachutney

Aps Notes:
You can use any other method to cook the yam/suran like Microwave/pressure cooker.
If the Yams have become very soft please don’t use the same as it will crumble while cooking further and will not stay on the skewer.
If you want another version you can Grill it in oven. (Again Oven time varies, I’ve always preferred gas version for suran.)
The original recipe has tandoori masala in it but I’ve used achari masala which tastes equally good. 
Happy Cooking,


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