Chane Pitta Khadi/ Khadi / Besan Barfi

During Amchigele marriages the standard sweet is Mithai Undo/Boondi Laddoo and Chanepitta Khadi( a konkani sweet), but now people have changed increased the sweets or sometimes even give one big Laddo (which they call tirupathi laddoo/dry fruit mithai undo). Khadi is one of my favourite sweet when it comes to marriage sweets.
I never ventured in making khadi, whereas amma makes almost all kind of sweets at home, so I thought there’s no better teacher than Amma. When she visited us this march I decided to learn the making of khadi and she taught me very well. And Anu (Dad)cut the pieces. He cut the pieces because he is very precise when it comes to cutting, each piece matches the other. 
We enjoyed making it as well as eating it. Making khadi was a family fare.

Ghee - ¾ th cup
Sugar 2 cups
Chane Peet/gram flour/Besan 1cup
Cardamom powder- ¼ th tsp
Water- 1 cup
Cashew nuts cut into tiny bits – ½  cup

Fry besan in ghee until it gives a good aroma (20-25 minutes minimum) and remove on a plate.
 Now add Sugar and water and make it into 1 and ½  string consistency.
To this add roasted chane peet/gram flour and mix well.
Now add the cashew nut bits,
Stir continuously  till the blend thickens almost forming a soft lump.
Now add cardamom powder and mix well.
Transfer a blend to a greased (with ghee)plate.
 Cut into square pieces when warm.

You can add almonds too but in this I love only cashew nuts.
Happy Cooking,


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