Avnas Ambe Sasam

Avnas Ambe Sasam is a Amchigele/Konkani dish( Avnas means pineapple and Ambo means mango in Konkani) Fruits like mango,pineapple,grapes, and apple are mixed with coconut mustard(sasam in Konkani) paste.
My mom makes smooth coconut masala/paste whereas many make a little coarse masala/paste. We like it both the ways.

Here is the recipe for Avnas Ambe Sasam:
2-3 slices of Pineapples
2 medium sized mangoes
10 white or black grapes( I did not have so used black currants)
1 apple (optional)
1 cup grated coconut
2 peanut sized tamarind
3-4 red chilies dry roasted
¼ th teaspoon mustard seeds
3 tbsp jaggery or sugar (adjust according to sweetness of mango)
Salt to taste

Cut pineapple slices into thin strips. Similarly peel apple and cut it just like we did with pineapples.
Now peel mango and cut into small cubes.
Slice the grapes into half and add it with the rest of the fruits.
Add black currants or raisins to this and mix well with salt.
For the Masala/paste.
In a mixie/mixer jar add coconut paste, red chilly,tamarind,and jaggery(sugar if not using jaggery) and mustard seeds and grind into a fine paste.
Add this paste to the mixed fruits and mix well with ¼ th cup water.
Check for salt and sweet. Add more if required.
Avnas ambe sasam is ready to serve.
Aps Notes:
If we need to make a coarse avnas ambe sasam then  grind the coconut masala into a coarse paste.
I have added black currants as the grapes were too sour.
We can even add some cashewnuts.
What do we do with the flesh on the mango seed ? just squeeze the pulp in the fruit bowl so you don’t waste a single drop of mango pulp.

This is how the Avnas ambe Sasam with coarse masala looks. This time i added some pomegranate seeds, and it tasted Yum!
Make this and enjoy!
Happy Cooking,


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