Taushe Idli / Taushe Cheppi Idli/ Cucumber Idli

This is a quick fix breakfast and a filling one too. It is a Amchi breakfast made in most of the households. There are 2 versions of Taushe Idli one is called Cheppe Idli(that is no spice added and is a little bland) and one more is taushe god idli(which is sweet version which I will post sometime soon). Today I am posting the cheppe idli which I have tweeted according to taste.

Grated Cucumber - 2 cup
Rice rava - 1 cup or 1 cup dosa rice*
Grated coconut – ½ cup or a little more will do
Green chilli - 2-3 *
Oil for greasing idli molds
Wash, peel and grate cucumber.
Wash the rice rawa and keep aside.
Grind green chillies and coconut into a fine paste adding little water. *check notes
Add the grated cucumbers,coconut  green chilly paste and salt to the rice rawa.
Set aside for an hour. No need to add water at this time as the cucumbers will leave its water.
After one hour check if the mixture requires water and make it to idli batter consistency.
Grease the idli moulds with oil. Pour the rice-cucumber mixture half way through in each mould.
Steam it for 15-20 minutes.
Taushe idlis are ready!! Serve hot Butter or coconut oil. Above measurement serves 3 people.

Whenever I am going to make this during weekdays I use dosa rice which I soak overnight and grind with very little water and add to the cucumber and coconut mixture. In this way you don’t need to wait for one hour after mixing the coconut and cucumbers and make idlis immediately.
Adding green chillies is totally optional, its generally made without green chillies but I find the idli too bland so I always add green chillies.

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