Sweet Kozhukattai

I just posted Modak a while back so now posting Sweet Kozhukattai which is also a different cuisine from ours. I had the outer filling ready and made only the hurna/poornam which is similar to the modak filling.
I adapted the recipe from Subbu’s Kitchen.
Here is what we need for Sweet Kozhukattai
For the outer covering:
· 1 cup rice flour (make sure the flour is glutenous or homemade, here i used iddiyappam flour it works well)
·  1 cup water 
·  A few drops of oil
·   a pinch of salt

Making  of the Kozhukattai:
1. In a sauce pan or deep bottom pan add the water, and salt. Keep it on the stove top, let this mixture come to a rolling boil.
2. Reduce the flame and add the rice flour gradually. Quickly stir the rice flour.
3. Stir till all the rice flour is mixed completely with water, here the mixture will look lumpy but that’s how it is.
4. Switch off the stove. Remove the pan from the stove top and then cover this pan with a lid for 4 to 5 minutes.
5. Now take all the dough in a plate or clean counter top gather the dough together and begin to knead it.
6.  The dough will be hot when, you begin to knead. So apply some water on your palms knead the dough very well and smooth.
7. Make small balls from the dough. Roll them smooth with your palms making sure there are no cracks.
8. Just sprinkle some drop of water while kneading the dough if you find them dry. Keep the balls covered with a kitchen towel.
9. Keep water for steaming in a steamer or your steaming vessel before shaping the modaks.
10.  Place a muslin cloth over the steamer so that modak’s do not stick to the vessel, if not this you can even grease it with ghee.
11. Take a small lemon sized ball and flatten it with your fingers to a round disc. Apply a drop of ghee on your palms, while flattening.
12. Place the dish in a mould or on your palms and add the filling in middle of the disk.
13. Cover the Kozhukattai and press the sides or cover the mould like this as shown below.
14. Remove the excess dough.
15. You can even leave the dough like that if you have shaped with hands or there's no need to do anything if you have added it in a mould like me.
16. Keep all the Kozhukattai ready before steaming on a plate,
17. Grease the steamer plates with oil or a white muslin cloth and then place the kozhukattai cups in the idly plates. Cook the kozhukattai in cooker or steamer for 10-12mins. Remove the cooked kozhukattai from cooker/steamer and allow it to cool off and then gently take it out.

Yummy Kozhukattai is ready to Serve

Happy Cooking,



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