Tambdi Chutney

We never did very long distance travelling before marriage. It was max 10 hours travel that we might have done as far as I remember. While travelling Amma used to make one staple food and that was Idli or Khotto with Tambdi Chutney(Tambdi/tambde in Konkani means Red colour) She even made this chutney to pack it to me while I travelled to Mumbai (after 3 years of marriage) so that I could retain the chutney for next 2 days in my fridge and it would never spoil, she even does it sometimes for my brother when he leaves to Bangalore.
She always stone ground it and now we having mixie/mixer grinder do not have the patience or time to do the same so the shelf life of the chutney reduces. I was not fond of this chutney but yes the rest at home love it.
So here is how to make Tambdi Chutney.
Red chilly -10-12
Chana daal 1 tbsp
Oil 1 tbsp
Tamarind pieces 2 peanut sized
Grated coconut -1 cup
Urad dal ½ tbsp
Hing / asafoetida a pinch or if using compound hing half peanut sized


Heat oil in a pan add chana dal, urad dal and hing and roast this till brown, add red chilly, sauté it and switch off the flame and allow it to cook and add salt, grated coconut tamarind and put all together in to the blender/mixie/mixer grinder/ stone mortar and perstle and grind it into a little rough paste(not too smooth) without adding much water(may be just 2 tbsp) you can dilute the chutney later if you wish to.

Serve this with dosa, Idli or Khotto.
This chutney does not require any tempering, you can add mustard and curry leaves tempering if you wish to.
Happy cooking,


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