Summer Treat - Avocado Milkshake

Avocado milkshake is our family favourite.Avocado is also known as butter fruit in local markets in India. Making it is not a rocket science. It’s simple filling and very nutritious, moreover very good for kids who are underweight.
1 Avacado
3 cups milk *
½ cup water (optional)
6tbsp sugar

Cut avocado into 2 pcs, remove the seed and peel the skin.
Add the flesh into a blender/mixie along with remaining ingredients.
Pour into glass and enjoy.
Aps Notes:
Here I have used full fat milk so have added ½ cup water it is totally optional and you can use lowfat milk too.
If you are vegan then you can skip dairy milk and add coconut milk or almond milk.
If you want to serve it chilled then add few ice cubes while blending the milkshake.

You can refrigerate the shake if remaining only upto half an hour later it tends to get dark. 
Happy Cooking,


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