Strawberry Panna Cotta with Strawberry Jelly

Ever since I have made Mango Panna Cotta We Husband and Wife have started loving it. I’ve even tried simple vanilla flavor. And that time I make a simple fruit jelly for M as she is not fond of Panna cotta but loves Jelly.
Last time when we’d been to market we got a good amount of strawberries as we realized its about to vanish from the market and I’d decided to make some strawberry crush. While making this crush I decided to make Strawberry Panna cotta.  We loved it and M loved the jelly part ;).
Here is what we need for the strawberry panna cotta
1 cup full fat cream
1 cup milk
¼ th cup sugar(adjust depending upon how sweet you want)
Around 4 tsp agar agar strips(soaked in ¼ th cup water for at least 15 minutes)
2 tbsp Strawberry Compote

For Strawberry Jelly We Need:
250 gms of strawberries,stemmed and chopped into pcs.
¼ th cup sugar
1 tbsp gms agar agar strips (soaked in 4 tbsp water atleast for 15 minutes)

  1. Combine all the pannacotta ingredients in a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer, stirring it timely, but make sure sugar and agar agar dissolves.. Let cool for 5 minutes.
  2. Now add the strawberry compote and mix well.
  3. Add this mixture in serving glasses or ramekins and refrigerate. *check notes

To make the Strawberry jelly lets make strawberry compote first.
1.       Take  the strawberries and blend it into a smooth paste in a mixer or blender.
2.       Now heat a saucepan and transfer this into the saucepan
3.       Add the sugar in it and let it dissolve.
4.       Keep stirring the sauce until it gets a little thick.
5.       As soon as the sauce gets thick reserve 2 tbsp for the panna cotta and use the rest for jelly.
6.       While the compote is ready add in the soaked agar agar strips and keep stirring till agar stips are completely dissolved.
7.       Remove from flame and let it cool for at least 2 minutes.
To assemble both:
1.       Take out the prepared strawberry panna cotta and layer it with strawberry compote.
2.       Refrigerate until set, at least 3 hours or overnight.
Serve Chilled

While making strawberry compote adjust the sugar according to the sweetness of the strawberries, I had to add a little extra as the strawberries were a little sour.
If you want to layer the Jelly over the panna cotta very fast like I did then keep the glasses or ramekin in freezer for at least half an hour and pour the jelly over the panna cotta and then let it  rest in the fridge (not freezer)for 3 hours.
If you want more of strawberry flavor in your pannacotta  and skip the jelly part you can add the whole strawberry compote to the panna cotta mixture but remember not to add more than 2 tbsp sugar to the milk cream mixture.
In case you want a mould panna cotta slightly grease the dish before pouring the mixture.
You can even drizzle the compote on top while the panna cota is done instead of strawberry jelly(I made the jelly especially for my daughter).
Happy Cooking,


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