Apple Banana Milkshake

A simple milkshake which is filling and a instand thirst quencher and is nutritious too. Today I am going to share recipe of Apple Banana Milkshake.
Here is what we need:
1 apple Peeled and chopped
1 banana peeled and chopped
2 tbsp sugar *
¼ th cup milk or a little more

Put all the ingredients in a Blender or Mixer and blend them well.
Now pour them into 2 large glasses and serve.
You can replace Sugar with honey which is a healthy option.
You can add chilled milk but I have used milk at room temperature.
Instead of milk you can add 2 big scoops of vanilla ice cream which will make the shake more yummy.
Chop the apples at the apple at the end as they tend to turn black, if chopped first add ¼ th tsp salt in cold water add the choppped apples and remove after 5 minutes this helps the apples to retain its normal colour.
With this I end up today’s post.
C ya soon.
Happy Cooking,



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