Saat - A Flaky Mangalorean Sweet

Mom is the best cook in the whole world… isn’t it? I have told about my mom’s food in n number of posts I can keep praising her food every time I speak about our Amchigele cooking. She is a expert to cook any kind of dish from sweets to savories or any kind of side dishes…. Its just Amazing to see her to make things perfect without any stress. There are just a few dishes that she has given up and one among that is jalebi which I want to master by the time my kids grow ;).
Saat is one such sweet that amma makes perfect. Making saat is not east as the deep frying, the flaky texture,the sugar consistency and the bottom everything must be perfect. And amma does is just perfect.
Saat is a  cousin of badusha I can say, the difference is there is a sugary chip below the sweet which is very much liked among the kids, This is actually a sugary sweet in Mangalore made of Maida flour & rolled in sugar syrup with a hint of cardamom. I am not a big fan of this blandish sweet though its one of my Anu’s(dad’s) favorite.
This particular picture was taken long back  and made by my amma and was lying in my drafts from a long time. The thought of posting it today is First of all it is my Mom and Dad’s wedding Anniversary and even My Birthday, Doesn’t this call for a Double treat?? Happy Anniversary Anu Amma and Happy Birthday to Me J.
So enjoy the virtual treat and Make it on your ownJ.

Ingredients needed to make Saat:
 1 cup Maida
½ cup Sugar
Little less than ¼ th cup Ghee (to need the dough)
1 and ½ cup ghee for deep frying and a little for greasing a plate
4 cardamoms, powdered

Sieve maida/APP add powdered cardamom to this keep aside.
Heat the ghee that is to be used for needing the dough( ¼ th cup) and  mix this ghee to the sieved maida and mix well. Now the mixture will look like a crumble. At this stage add a tbsp of water and mix well. If necessary add a tsp more of water and mix into a dough(the dough must be like the one we make for puri). After 5 minutes knead this dough again and make lime sized balls out of it and flatten tthem in the bottom. Do it for all the dough.
Meanwhile on a medium flame heat ghee(1 and ½ cups)for frying the Saat.
Deep fry the prepared dough balls in the ghee on a slow flame making sure the balls are perfectly golden in colour.

Now lets make the sugar Syrup:
Add Sugar and little water only to immerse the sugar, now heat this and make it into one string consistency. Keep  stirring it while its getting done because it might get crystallized.
When the syrup is hot add the deep fried Saat one by one and place it on a greased plate.
Once cooled down place them in a Airtight Container.

Do not add too much water at once just add a spoon first then add add more if required, make it a pliable dough just like puri's.

Enjoy Cooking,


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