Mushroom Sandwich - Tiffin/snack box recipe

Mornings are always busy here, I guess it’s the same story with every school going kids mom. From cooking for the snack box or lunch box, packing it, getting the kid ready and list never ends until they are gone to school.
Many used to ask me for snack box ideas and I used to never bother about it much as I had no schook going kid then, but as soon as M started schooling I decided to put up some snack box pictures on my FB page Aps Kitchen. I have always balanced the tiffin box by adding one snack item, a fruit and sometimes nuts and juice.
This is one such dish which my daughter likes and it stays moist even after 2 hours of making.

Here is what we need for Mushroom Sandwich:
Mushrooms- 4 finely chopped
1 garlic clove minced
½ tsp olive oil
2 tbsp mozzarella cheese
4 slices of bread ( I have used multigrain and seed bread)
Salt to taste *
¼ th tsp black pepper powder *
Butter to brush over the sandwiches
A little Italian seasoning (optional)

Firstly heat a wok and add olive oil in it.
Now add minced garlic and sauté it until the raw smell is gone.
Add in the mushrooms and sauté until the mushrooms are tender.
Add salt,black pepper powder and Italian seasoning and mix it well and cook until there is not watery content remaining in the mixture.
Allow this mixture to cool completely *
Once cooled add in the mozzarella and mix well.
Now heat the tawa/ pan or griller and place a slice of bread on it and place the mushroom mixture over it.
And cover it with other slice.
When one side is turning brownish in colour brush it with butter and flip it both the sides until sandwich is browned both the sides.
Cut and Serve with tomato ketchup.
Or pack it in your kid’s tiffin box and be a happy mom looking at a empty tiffin box J.

I have added less pepper powder while making it for my daughter but you can increase it according to your spice level.
While making the mushroom mixture make sure it doesn’t have any water in it as it can make the sandwich soggy.
Allow the mushroom mixture to cool completely before adding cheese as the cheese can melt if added to hot mixture. You can make the mushroom mixture the day before making sandwiches and add cheese in the morning, to make it a hassle free morning.
Adjust salt accordingly as cheese already has salt in it.

Enjoy Cooking,



sushma Mallya said…
Looks so yummy Love the saucy smily face :-)

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