Karathe Ambade Raitho

Karathe Ambade Raitho
The name of this dish is not common among the Amchi’s or say this is my own creationJ. The actual recipe is Sweet hog plum Raitho which is in Jaya.V.Shenoy’s book . I have twisted it and added other veggies like Karathe which means bitter gourd, alsando which means long beans, batato which is potato and ambado which meand Hog plums and made this dish.
Here is what we need:
1 large karathe/Bittergourd, deseeded and cut into strips
10 long beans/alsando, washed and cut into 2 inch pcs
1 medium potato, peeled and cut into medium chunks
4 hog plums slightly crushed
Jaggery (size of one small orange)
A pc of asafoetida (a peanut sized) or ¼ th tsp asafoetida powder
1 cup freshly grated coconut
9 red chillies (roasted in little oil)
A few curry leaves
½ + ½   tsp mustard seeds
2 tsp coconut oil (you can use oil of your choice)
Salt to taste

First apply salt to the bitter gourd for about 1 hour and then squeeze them and keep aside.
Meanwhile in a small pan heat 1 tsp oil and fry ½ tsp mustard seeds along with asafoetida pc and keep aside for later use.
Now in a mixer jar or blender add coconut, roasted red chillies adding little water(as required) and grind until a rough paste, now add the roasted mustard seeds and hing and grind into a semi fine paste.
Heat a deep bottom pan and add oil, when hot add mustard seeds,when splutters add curry leaves, long beans, bitter gourd and cook for atleast 5 minutes.
Now add potato and the hog plums along with the ground masala and mix well.
Add salt to taste, jaggery and ¼ th cup of water and mix well.
Allow the potato and rest of the veggies to cook.
Keep stirring in between so that the curry doesn’t stick to the bottom if not using non stick pan.
This takes about 10-12 minutes.
When done remove the curry from flame and serve hot with rice and dal.
 Enjoy Cooking,


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