Homemade Mixed Fruit Jam

Homemade food always stands on the top list when compared to store bought one’s. Jam is such a thing that I had never ventured into till quite a long time of marriage. I tried this one when my blogger friend Priti had posted it in her blog Indian Khana. I made it the very next week and have made it many a times from then. It is very easy to make and yummy too.

We need:
Apple - 1
Ripe Banana - 2
Orange - 1
Strawberries -5
Prunes - 10
Seedless Black Grapes - 1 Cups
Sugar - 1 ¼ th Cups Or More if needed
Lemon Juice - ½  tbsp or Citric Acid - ¼  tsp

1.       Peel, core and chop apple, strawberries, prune, orange and banana.
2.       In a blender or mixer grinder/mixie add all the fruits and blend until smooth. [I got 3 ½ cup Puree]
3.        Heat a deep bottom pan and add the fruit puree to a pan, add sugar, stir and cook on medium flame to bring it to a boil. Simmer the flame and keep stirring in regular intervals it until it thickens.
4.       Once jam starts to thicken, add lemon juice/citric acid and mix well.
5.        Cook until jam becomes thick it takes around one hour or more.
6.       Remove from heat and allow it to cool completely.
7.       Store in a airtight Jar.
Spread it over your favorite bread and Enjoy!

You can add any fruit of your choice.
Make sure you keep stirring the jam in regular intervals to avoid it from sticking to the pan.
I made it just like the way in recipe so it was a little thick, I loved it this way and it tasted like a halwa too ;).

Enjoy Cooking,


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