Carrot Kheer to Celebrate

That it is Diwali today I thought of posting something sweet. So here is Carrot Kheer for all you readers and Wishing you all a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali J , have a safe one.

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and this is one such vegetable which
we like to eat raw or in any Desserts.

I’ve tried different kheer like pumpkin kheer, bottle gourd kheer and even fruit kheers. And now it is Carrot kheer. This is very easy and I’ve minimized the amount of milk in it yet it has a rich and creamy texture.

700gm of carrots 
½  litre of milk 
2  tsp of ghee 
A few of cashew nuts and pistachios (any nut of your choice)
A little more than ¼ thcup of sugar * check notes

½ tsp of powdered cardamom 
2 tbsp of condensed milk 

How I Made It:
Firstly peel the carrots and grate them.

Now add this carrots to 1 cup of milk and keep it to boil.

When the carrots have cooked in the milk allow it to cool down.

Meanwhile heat the ghee in a small pan and fry some cashewnuts in it. Keep aside for later use.

Once cooled down add it in a mixer grinder/ blender and puree it into a fine paste.

Now transfer this mixture in a thick bottomed pan and add the remaining milk in it and allow it to cook until it gets thickened a bit.

Once this is done add in the sugar and mix well. Let it come to a rolling boil.

Add cardamom powder and garnish it with fried cashewnuts, pistachios.

Tastes best when Served Chilled.

I have used very less ghee for frying cashews you can add a extra

You can even add raisins fried in ghee, i have skipped it as i do not
like it in kheer.

As the carrots i used were really sweet i have even reduced the amount of sugar in it. You can increase it if you like it a little more sweet.

Once Again Happy Deepavali/Diwali to you and your Family J.

Stay Blessed,

Happy Cooking,



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