Lunch Box Idea - Potato Soya Tikki/Cutlet

I am a happy mom when Manya comes back from school and tells me Amma today I loved the food you packed for me or they were Yummy J. I am sure all you mom’s out there feel the same.
It just happened to me today when M returned back from school washed her hands and legs hugged her little sister and came to me running to tell that the tikki’s I gave her were Yummy and Super J. Then she slowly told me that she spilled a little ketchup on her uniform… soon I replied it’s ok manya  but was the tikki/cutlet super and yummy or you told me so because you spilled ketchup?  No amma it was really yummy I wanted one more but you just gave me 4… Awwww wasn’t that sweet of her. I packed just 4 thinking she might get one back just like that because she has a small appetite just like her parents ;).

Ok getting back to today’s recipe its Potato and Soya Cutlets/Tikki, I made these without following any particular recipe.
For making the Tikkis
ü  Soya granules  ( Meal Maker granules  ) – ½  cup*
ü  Potato - 2 no , Boiled, peeled and Mashed
ü  Red chilli powder – 1  tsp (adjust the spice according to your taste, as I made it for 3.5 yr old I kept it less spicy) *
ü  Garam Masala Powder – ¼ th tsp
ü  Salt - to taste
ü  Lime juice – ¼ th tsp 
ü  Roasted jeera powder- ¼ tsp
ü  2 tbsp bread crumbs
ü  1 tbsp coriander leaves finely chopped.
ü  Salt to taste

Other Ingredients :
ü  Bread Crumbs for coating
ü  Oil to shallow fry

Soak soya granules in hot water for atleast 30-35 minutes. Squeeze the water very well and keep aside for later use. *
Cook potato, peel it and mash it well.
In a large bowl add in the squeezed soya granules, mashed potato and all the other ingredients listed above except for the Other Ingredients.
Mix it well and make small lime sized balls and flatten it with your palms, do this with all the mixture prepared.
Take a clean plate add some bread crumbs in it and roll each tikki/cutlet in it and keep for later use.
Heat a flat pan/ griddle.
Add a little oil (I used only a tsp) place the rolled tikki’s/ cutlet over the pan and shallow fry.
When one side gets browned flip it over and roast it over the other side until done. (Add oil if you find the tikki’s dry)
Your tikki’s are ready to go in the Tiffin/snack box or served as evening snack or even as a starter J
Serve it with tomato ketchup.

 Above is Manya's Tiffin box which include Potato Soya. Tikki/cutlet, tomato Ketchup,nectarines, walnuts and raisins.

* Note:
You can use meal maker/soya chunks too. Add in 10 soya chunks in hot water squeeze them and pulse them in mixture before adding it to the mixture.
You can soak soya and squeeze it the previous night and refrigerate.
I made the whole mixture the previous night and refrigerated it as I have to get her tiffin/snack box ready by 7.
Adjust the spice according to your taste, add 2 finely chopped green chillies if you are making it for elders.
As I made it for little one’s tiffin box I made lime sized balls you can make bigger sized tikki’s too J.
As it is made without onion and garlic you can eat it on any day you wish to.

You can coat it with Oats instead of bread crumbs.

With a healthy post coming soon,
Happy Cooking,



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