Limbiya Saaru/Lemon Rasam

 Hello Everyone,
Today I am just posting a picture of a recipe which I have already posted long back – that is Limbiya Saaru/Limbiya Rasam to compliment this picture I am posting  a food art.
Ever since I am in a cooking site in FB I have seen so many yummy recipes and met wonderful people out there. 

In that particular site they have particular themes and people post their recipes as per the theme. On 11th of every month they have Food Art and deco theme where all talented foodies post their artistic food.
Peeping in there I too got provoked and started trying my hands on it. The very first thing I did was cucumber garnish(I will post it someday) and got praises and lovely comments from fellow foodies. More than that my little girl was so happy to finish her salad that I thought I must keep trying my hands on it and here is my humble attempt to make Lemon Mouse a non destructive mouse ;).

Hope you all like this,
Happy Cooking.


Supriya Nair said…
Nice n lemony flavour. The mouse 🐭 is so cute...

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