Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami - Charmuri/Charmbure Undo/Mur mura Ladoo/Kurmure ki laddoo

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all the readers of Aps Kitchen.
Today I am posting a healthy Laddoo recipe it is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients.
For Charmuri(charmburi) Undo/Puffed Rice Laddoowe need:
Charmuri /puffed rice/mandakki– 1 ¼ th cup
Chikki Jaggery(you c an use normal jaggery but see note)  grated or powdered– 1 cup
Cardamom – 2 crushed into fine powder
1 tsp ghee

Heat a deep bottom kadai/wok and add in the Chikki Jaggery and 3 tbsp of water and allow it to boil. Keep stirring in between and make it into a thick liquid/syrup. (Check notes).
Once the syrup is done remove the Wok/kadai from flame and add in the cardamom powder abd cleaned Charmuri/puffed rice and mix well.
Apply generous amount of ghee to your hands and make lemon sized ball out of this mixture and your Charmuri Laddoos are ready.
if you are not using chikki jaggery, but using the normal jaggery then add only 2 tbsp of water to the mixture and make a thick syrup as mentioned above.

To check if syrup is ready for making laddoos do a test. For this once the jaggery syrup gets thickened then add a spoon of this syrup in water(normal temperature). And try gathering it with your finger. If it forms into a hard ball then the syrup is ready.

Enjoy making this for the little Krishna or your kids, yourself or for your loved ones.
Happy Cooking,
I wish you all a blessed life,


Priya Suresh said…
Crunchy munchy undo, love to munch some.

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