Bhajjile Kadlo/ Roasted Peanuts

“If you carry your Childhood with you never become Older”- Tom Stoppard

Just like the quote above we never grow old when it comes to some food item that you have always associated with childhood. One such thing is the Bajjile Kadlo/Roasted Peanuts.  During our childhood we used to get these peanuts either at beach sides,park or Saanth ( roadside festival/carnival). And with or without even asking our parents would buy them for us knowing how much we like it J(amma always told me it’s a tedious task to roast them in sand may be that was the reason she never made them is what I think now ;) whereas she makes all the time consuming sweets and snacks… wonder why she fetl this time consuming). The best part about eating this peanuts is holding the paper cone in one hand and dropping the peanuts one by one in the other hand and then popping it in the mouth and waiting for the last peanut which usually gets stuck at the bottom of the paper cone… We used to open the whole paper cone and eat them … what a Joy that was. Then it used to be 1 Rupee for a cone, but now the same cone is sold for 5 rupees.. wherein the cone is thinner and less nuts in it that is what I feel have no idea if its really that way or I am used to eat many ;). 

Now that my lil `M’ is growing I have been asked to buy them for her whenever we visit the Park. I have bought it a couple of times until I learnt to make this myself. Now(its been long time for the now) when she asks me to buy them for her I have a standard reply- why you want to eat those 10-15 nuts when I will give you plenty of them ;). So these days she enjoys the plenty of them that her Mom gives her wrapped in a big paper cone. With all that I get a Big Hug and lots of kisses in return.
I am sure all of you have some memory regarding these crunchy peanut, and you would like to make your own so why wait?

What say shall we start making it??

Here is what we need:
2 cups Peanuts
2 tbsp water
½ tbsp salt (or according to your taste)
1)   Add in peanuts in a microwave safe Bowl/ plate ( I recommend plate/tray as it will evenly roast).
2)  In a small bowl add salt and 2 tbsp water mix well until salt dissolves.
3)   Now add the salt water o the peanuts and rub well with your hands. Do not do this process vigorously and  allow peanuts about 5 minutes as it is.
4)   Now cook in microwave high temperature about 5 -6minutes (depending on your MW volt mine took 6 minutes ).
5)  Tossed after every 1 minutes.
6)  Store it in a air tight container.

Enjoy Homemade Roasted Peanuts J

I even carry few cones when we visit the Park as we (the family) love munching it.
See ya soon, 


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