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Bisibelebath Powder

Hello and Good Morning with another flavorful post in Aps Kitchen. I am happy that in this month this is my third post and I am trying to be regular here. Hope to continue like this in future.  During my childhood I just heard about bisibelebath(there was no internet to read the recipe nor anyone to tell the recipe to amma orelse this would not be the statement) and had never tasted it until my MIL made it at home. I had asked her for the recipe she told me how to make it but I needed exact measurements so I had to search for the recipe and ended up watching this videoand mind me it turned out to Awesome J. 

Here is what we need for the Bisibelebath Powder ¼ cup Chana dal¼ cup Urad dal¾ cup coriander seeds1 tablespoon jeera/ cumin seeds¾ tsp mustard seeds½ tsp methi/ fenugreek seeds1 tablespoon poppy seeds/ gasagase ( I skip this when I make it here as Poppy Seeds are not allowed in UAE but when I had been in India I have added it and it has i…

Mushroom Chilly/Chilly Mushrooms

When it comes to mushrooms the first thing that comes to my mind is Chinese or Indo- Chinese. Mushroom is our family favourite… I guess I have told or will keep telling it whenever there is a mushroom post ;)
Today I am posting a Indo chinese recipe – Mushroom Chilly/Chilly Mushroom
We Need
Ingredients v1 packet of white button mushrooms (it normally comes in 250gms pack) v1 large capsicum/green bell pepper, cut into square shapes ( I have used ½ green and half yellow) v2 tbsp chopped spring onion (white) v1 tbsp finely chopped spring onion(green part) for garnishing v½  tbsp ginger finely chopped v1 tbsp garlic finely chopped v2-3 green chilies slit v2 tsp corn flour dissolved in 4 tsp water v½ tbsp soya sauce v½ tbsp vinegar v1 cup water( adjust or add more if needed) v½ tsp black pepper powder v2 tbsp oil vsalt to taste
vsugar to taste(around 1/2tsp)
Instructions vWash the mushroom in water and chop them. vHeat oil in a deep bottom pan. vAdd the spring onion white and stir them on medium heat till t…

Chole Tikki Chat

Hello Everybody,   How are you all?? At my end everything is great and exciting. Exciting because of the arrival of the new one at home. YES you heard it right we are blessed with a little angel and she completed 5 months this month. A new phase with 2 girls growing up just like a wink… the elder one schooling...and the younger one falling on her tummy… Ahhh time flies. It just feels like yesterday I was blesse with darling Manya and now she has turned 3. Soon the younger one will start crawling, its fun I must say. But along with fun things keep me so busy when I am done with one the other one gets ready for all the attention she needs, and that’s the reason I am all away from here.
 I think I must post atleast one dish once a month what say??
I will try my best to post my experimented and yummy dishes here…. J.

Today I will post something yummy,tangy and chatpaty.

I had made chole tikkis for M’s tiffin box(I made them one bite sized) and had a few left overs. Soon I decided to mak…