Doodh Peda- Made in 5 minutes

Today Being Raksha Bandhan/Rakhi and Suttha Punnav (Rig Upakarma i.e  men wearing the holy thread) I thought this sweet is perfect to celebrate this occasion.
So wishing all the men who celebrate Rigupakarma and my brothers A Happy Raksha Bandhan.
We have another reason for celebration this week We will complete 5 years of married life this Thursday and that is a most important reason to celebrate and make this sweet J

But all can enjoy the sweets isn’t it… make it its really simple and can be made in 5 minutes.

1¾ cups Milk Powder
1 Can Condensed Milk – 395 gms
2 tbsp Butter
6 Small Cardamoms peeled and powdered
A small pinch of Saffron  dissolved in 1 tbsp warm milk
Dry fruit/nut of your choice (I used pistachios, u can use any of your choice)


Ø  Take a microwave safe deep bowl and melt the butter by microwaving it.
Ø  Once the butter is melted, add milk powder and condensed milk and whisk them well. Make sure that they are combined well and there are no lumps formed..
Ø  Place the bowl of mixture in the microwave and cook it on high power for a minute.
Ø  Remove the bowl and mix them well with a help of a sturdy spoon.
Ø  Place the bowl back in the microwave and cook on high power for another minute.
Ø  Again take it out of the microwave and mix in cardamom and saffron milk. Mix it well and place it back in a microwave for another 1 minute on high power.
Ø  Remove a small amount and form small balls of the mixture.  If not done then mix it well and microwave again for 30 seconds to a minute.
Ø  Let it cool for a while(say 2 minutes) so that it becomes easy to handle and  make sure not burn your hands.
Ø  Make small rounds with hands, as the traditional pedas are done. Press a piece of your favorite nut in the centre and place these pedas in a Air tight box/ container

My microwave took 4 minutes for me to make this. If your MW takes a longer time then keep it for 30 seconds more and check if not done do the same again until u can make a small ball of the mixture without the mixture sticking your hands.
U can add fat free milk powder too but the one with fat u get the rich flavor.

Saffron is optional.
You can make it for any festival and as its quick and easy to make u need not worry too :D


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