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Hello all, hope u had a great weekend we to did... infact its the 2nd day of the week for us and we r waiting for the weekend eagerly as its celebration time for us J.

Some food pictures attract one so much that you feel like eating it right away. Same did this picture do to me! I wanted to gulp it right away but there was no way that I could get it anywhere here or make it the moment I saw. So I had to wait for a day and made it the very next day. I kept all the things ready in the morning so that I don’t miss a single thing. But I had a few doubt’s which Prathibha cleared the very moment I asked her.
Thank U Prathy for the recipe as well as guiding me when I was in a doubt.
It was so yum that I we(even my lil one) could not resist eating it. I made puri’s also at home as we could have as much as we want and my little one also was eating them, I wanted to make it at home healthy and fresh.
We finish off the whole batch of puri’s and pani too ;) I know you may think crazy people but mind me it’s such a tempting thing that we cannot resist, and is contagious too as when one eats or sees it they get tempted.
Without much ado let me pen down the recipe for all of you who want to try this!

For Puris:
50 puris recipe here 

For Bangarpet Pani:
1 litre of Drinking Water
10 pods of Garlic, with skin(* see notes)
6 Green chillies (*see notes)
2 " fresh Ginger
2 " Cinnamon stick
10 Black peppercorns
1 tbsp Saunf/fennel seeds
2 tsp Black salt/kala namak
2 tsp Lemon salt/Citric acid crystals (*see notes)
2 tsp chopped Coriander leaves
2 tsp Sugar
Salt to taste

For Green peas-Potato Stuffing:

1 cup dried Green peas
2 medium Potatoes
Salt to taste

For Carrot-Onion mixture:
2 Carrots  peeled and grated
1 Onion finely chopped
2 tbsp Coriander leaves finely chopped

Grind cinnamon,blacksalt,peppercorns,saunf,lemon salt and regular salt to a coarse powder.
Add green chillies, chopped ginger and garlic pods and turn in whipper mode to a slight coarse masala,it should not become paste. So take care not to run for long time.
Drop the mixture in a potli (muslin cloth) and make it into a potli and drop it in 1 litre water and keep it aside for 4-5 hrs until the water is infused with the spices from the potli. Now take out the potli and add sugar to it and mix well.
In a small bowl take coriander and add 1/4th cup water and slightly press coriander with hands until you get the flavor of coriander infused into the water. Strain the water and discard all the coriander and add this coriander flavored water to the pani.
Now check the taste of pani and add extra water (you might need to add 1/4th ltr water approx)to it to suit your taste buds. Adjust the salt, sugar and lemon salt as per your taste. Balance the spices (green chilli,sugar,salt)according to your taste.

For Peas potato mixture
Soak peas overnight and wash those couple of times and arrange it in a bowl in the cooker. Cover it with lid.
Pressure cook the 1 cup green peas with 2 cups water for around 6 whistles(the peas take long time to cook generally so 6 must be enough if not done then keep it for a while more). Once cooker cools down. Remove excess water (keep a little water to mix) and keep the peas aside.
Pressure cook the potatoes for 3 whistles (depending on how long the potatoes take to cook).
Remove the skin of potatoes and mash it roughly, do not make it like a paste.
Add the potatoes to the peas mixture and again heat this mixture on stove. Add salt to it and mix well and cook it only for a single boil. Switch off the flame. Keep the potato-peas mixture slightly thinner as it gets thickened over time.

For Carrot mixture:

Mix grated carrots with finely chopped onions and coriander in a bowl until it is mixed properly. Keep it aside for later use.

 How to assemble and gulp the Bangarpet Pani Puri:
Take each puri and poke it gently to make a small whole on one side and stuff with a little peas-potato mixture and little carrot-onion mixture and dip it in the spicy pani and just gulp as many as you want.

Note :
You can keep the Pani in the refrigerator if you need or serve it at room temperature.
It is important to keep the peas potato mixture warm to get the perfect Bangarpet pani puri taste.
I loved the cool pani( I had kept it in fridge) and warm mixture combi.
In the actual recipe she has added about 20 garlic pods(as she used Indian Garlic) but I have used 10 as I used the big sized garlic pods available here.
I have even reduced the spice (green chillies) as we can’t stand too much spice and even the garlic will have the spiciness of its own.  So add green chillies according to your spice level.
If u don’t get citric acid crystals or lemon salt then u add the same amount of lemon juice(I don’t know if it tastes same but can come near to this)
You will know how to balance the taste once u start making it.
If the water tastes spicy you can add a little extra water to balance the taste.

With This Unique recipe its time to say Bye,

Orange Pani Puri
Pani Puri
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