Strawberry Shrikhand

When Strawberries are in Season I make Strawberry yogurt , Strawberry Popsicle and even Strawberry milk and its one of the favorite fruit of Little one J . She loves them and being that I have used her favorite fruit and yogurt which (one more fav’s of hers) and made Shrikhand. But when I saw Aparna’s Shrikhand Post I was tempted to make it the very day she posted J. Thank u aparna for posting such a nice recipe my little one loved it J.


Hung curd/yogurt 1 cup
Granulated sugar 1/2 cup
Strawberries chopped 1/2 cup  [ I have saved few more strawberries sliced used to decorate and this is totally optional]


Hang yogurt in a muslin cloth and tie it to the tap till all the liquid [whey] gets drained. This procedure almost takes more than 5-6 hours or even more it all depends on the water consistency of the yogurt/ curd.
Wash, clean and hull strawberries. Place chopped strawberries, granulated sugar in a blender and blend it to make a smooth puree. Now take 1 cup of hung (this comes from around ½ liter of curd) curd in a wide mixing bowl now add strawberry puree into it and whisk the mixture gently to remove any lumps until you get nice creamy texture of the yogurt. Add in 2 tbsp of diced fresh strawberries. Keep it refrigerated until you serve it. Garnish the Shrikhand with sliced fresh berries and sugar sprinkles and Serve

U can use cardamom powder if you wish to (Aparna has used it)but i felt the strawberry has its own taste so adding cardamom to it will over power the strawberry flavor.
U can even refrigerate the hung curd (if u have any extra and use it for other recipes )

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See ya till my Next Post Happy Weekend and its 

                                                                           saying Bye!


hemalata said…
Delicious looking shrikhand, looks great.
Aps prabhu said…
Thank U Hema for dropping by :)

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