Paneer Paratha - Perfect for Lunch box or breakfast box

Starting  a post is not so easy not that I don’t know which recipe to post, but its that I write up delete and do the same things many a times and end up just writing a line about the recipe and continue, or sometimes I have so many things to write and wonder will everyone who stops here reads them :P. Summer is here and heat is increasing day by day and we both ( little M and I) keep ourselves packed with cool things to beat the heat. Eat ice lolly’s (home made), ice creams, lemon juice, and various juicy fruits to keep ourselves cool( though the AC keeps us cool the heat is in the air). Hubby joins us in the early evening so we are even enjoying the family time now. He comes early evening because its Ramadan time and office timings are changed accordingly.  And this has been a very happy time for us, but the part which we miss is Family lunch, as Hubby comes around 3.30-4 he has his lunch then so we miss him the afternoons, but no complaints as we get extra time to spend together J. My hubby keeps on saying that he cannot eat much of rice as he used to before and enjoys fruits and ice creams, same is it with our case so I think of making one pot meal or some Paratha. 
Normally cahapathi’s or roti’s are not made very often here as we relish on rice items more. But as the daughter dear relishes on roti’s sometimes I am learning( you heard me right learning to make it round and more soft, I am sure u have read that I do not know to make perfect round roti’s I can make various Maps ;))  to make varieties of Indian bread’s, but now I don’t have much a complaint as I am learning to make them almost round J.    All thanks to my little girl, if she would not like it I would not make it or try making it better. But she likes doesn’t mean she can eat it every day its just once in a week she wants to eat it, by any chance I made it the very next day she had her roti the question would be ready… Amma itya aaji vapas hechi?? Sheeth na ve :P (why again same thing(roti) no rice??). So I make it sure that she has what she wants.  I am sure by this time you have guessed what today’s post is about, Yes a Indian flat bread  - Paratha.
Many people who read my blog have asked me for Tiffin box recipes and I always said sure I will post something new this time. So here is one for all the lovely readers of Aps Kitchen.
Paneer Paratha is one such paratha which I had never tried, this time I wanted to try it as I had a packet of paneer lying in my fridge. I adapted Sanjeev kapoor’s Cheese Paratha recipe and made it Paneer Paratha.

Here is how to make a Simple Paneer paratha.
Ingredients :
For the dough:
2 cups whole wheat flour/atta
Salt to taste
For the paneer stuffing:
200 Gms paneer
1 or 2 green chilies, finely chopped * refer note
1 tsp chat masala powder
2 tbsp freshly chopped coriander leaves *refer note
Salt or rock salt as required
Butter or oil for frying the paratha
Preparing the dough:
Make smooth dough with the whole wheat flour and enough water.
Cover and keep aside.
Preparing the stuffing:
Grate or crumble the paneer with your hands.
Mix all the spice powders, green chilies and salt with the paneer.
Keep aside.
Preparing the parathas:
ü  Take a ball from the dough
ü  Roll them into  small rounds about 2 to 3 inches in diameter.
ü  Place the paneer filling on the round and seal them into a ball
ü  With some dusting flour sprinkle on the rolling board or kitchen platform, roll the stuffed paratha
ü  Heat the griddle/tawa.
ü  Fry the parathas on the griddle with butter or oil till they are evenly browned and well cooked.
ü  In this way make all the paneer parathas.
ü  Serve paneer paratha hot with yogurt or butter or your favorite pickle.

if you don’t want the green chillies and coriander to come into your mouth while biting parathas you can grind both in mixer without adding even a bit of water, and then add it to the paratha ( i made it like that as my little daughter would eat it and she would not get to bite chillies and could enjoy the paratha)

Yields : 8 parathas

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Supriya Nair said…
The parathas look r yu and little has been ages I haven't been in touch with you...well tc
divya said…
looks so it....!
Vandana Rajesh said…
Yummy it!!
Namrata Kini said…
Parathas look yummy and healthy too. Good that lil' M likes rice too. My son hates the sight of rice.
Shruti J said…
Lovely space you have! Will be a regular visitor now... Very happy to connect :)

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Thank you very much,hope you will try some of these recipe.
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