Mitta Ghallele Avalo -How to brine/ or store Avalo/Avla/Gooseberries with pictures

Just like kalambo, mitta ghallele avalo/brined gooseberries is also our favorite.

Avalo/Amla/Gooseberry - 20-25
A  jar which can hold the entire batch of Avalo or take 2 jars
Salt to taste ( I added 3 tablespoons )
Water - a little more than what 2 jars can hold

Method to Brine Avalo/Gooseberries/Amla.

Clean , wash and wipe the avalo/goosberries with a clean cloth. 

Bring to boil the required qty of water and salt and let boil. Switch off the flame and let come to room temperature.
Add the gooseberries to the jar, add enough water to cover it .
Secure the lid tightly.
Keep in a cool dark corner for 4-5 weeks(this takes more time than the raw mangoes as these are very hard) and then you can start using it .Some will be done even before this time .and if the skin is really hard it will take some more..
Always use clean jar or pot; else you can see fungus forming in it!

This is how it looks after 5 weeks!

Till my Next post with this Brined Avalo stay Tuned


divya said…
Namitha said…
OMG, this is so nostalgic. It has been ages since I had this brined gooseberries
Priya Suresh said…
Wow i want a huge bottle of this fabulous gooseberries.
Kalyan Panja said…
looks lovely & delicious...mouthwatering!
Aps Kitchen said…
Thank u all for the comments :)
and Priya I will give u :)

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