How to Brine Ambuli/Raw mango / Making of Kalambo/Uppumanga/Brined Raw Mango

Its Mango season and how can I forget this important and basic thing which is stored for months in our house… If you have guessed it brined mango Yes it is! I am speaking about Kalambo/ Brined raw mango/uppumanga.
This is such a thing which amma keeps in stock whenever raw mangoes appear in market and from this year I have started doing the same. Why not before? Is a good question! May be because I used to relish it when I went to Amma’s place during vacations and never thought of it… Now that my daughter loves its Chutney and so do we I thought I must start making it too. Its so easy to make just needs some patience and interest.

Tender mangoes (Ambuli) - 15-20
A  jar which can hold the entire mangoes or take 2 jars
Salt to taste ( I added 3 tablespoons )
Water - a little more than what 2 jars can hold
Method to Brine Ambuli/Raw Mango
Clean , wash and wipe the tender mangoes with a clean cloth. 
Bring to boil the required qty of water and let boil. Switch off the flame and let come to room temperature.
Add the mangoes and salt  to the jar , add enough water to cover it .
Secure the lid tightly.
Keep in a cool dark corner for 3-4 weeks and then you can start using it .Some will be done even before this time .and if the skin is really hard it will take some more..
Always use clean jar or pot , else you can see fungus forming in it!

This is how it Looks After 3-4 weeks when removed from salt water
Yields :- 2 medium glass jars
Total time - 3-4 weeks
To see how I made Chutney with this Stay tuned till my next post J



Priya Suresh said…
Just drooling here, havent had this since a long.

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