Cool Cool Double Deckered Ice Candy Or Popsicles - My daughters Favorite

January has passed and its already the second day of the second month... And Tomorrow is my darling Daughter is celebrating her second birthday. Isn't that fast... I just felt like she was given in my hands just a few time ago....  
Now this needs to be celebrated with her favorite I Candy(ice candy) this is what she says.
I have been regular in including fruit in her food diet. She loves fruits, apart from musambi/sweet lime. I dont know why she doesnt like it much... But i always eye on to include that too... so i made these candy's. 

It has fruits in it Her favorite kiwi and her favorite mango juice too!
So here is how I made it.
I took: 
1 cup fresh mango juice *
1 cup fresh orange juice*
1 kiwi peeled and sliced
Half cup chopped Musambi/sweet lime

I made it this way:

Take the popsicle mould and arrange them with the sliced and dice fruits and freeze it for 2 minutes. By then the fruits get stuch to the mould. Now add the mango juice to half the level in each mould and free for 30 more minutes. Remove them again and add orange juice and cover it and freeze until done. This process takes a while to make it. But once done and given to your Kids the joy seeing them enjoying it has no bounds! 
My daughter dint even know which was the other fruit in it apart from Kiwi. She enjoyed every bite of it!

* Note:
Add a little extra sugar to the juice as we freeze it later, this helps in maintaining the sweetness of the pops!

Yields: 8 popsicles

Stay Cool and Enjoy these Cool Ppopsi's,

     Saying Bye!


divya said…
Looks so colorful n yummy ....super clicks tooo..
B'Day wishes to ur lil one :)
colorful and tempting popsicles dear.
Priya said…
Already 2years, happy birthday to lil Darling..

Those pops looks damn cute and very tempting.
Sushma Mallya said…
Hi Aps, how are you doing? how is your lil sure she must have loved this treat....looks awesome...

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