A Message

To all my readers Out there! This Post is to tell all of you that I have Lost most of my Amchigele Recipes and have Deleted it Accidentally! I don’t want to make any reasons to how it got deleted or anything as such it Happened!
If you want to check my Amchigele Recipes check here as here u can find some where as it doesn’t show when googles And searched L 
Thank U for your Support! I Will Surely come back with many recipes and U can request me too for them!
I still will keep blogging and remember my Mistake and correct it too!


Raksha said…
I know how u must be feeling :(

Anyways cheer up that u did not delete ur beautiful blog :)

♥Aps♥ said…
Thank U Raksha
Such a word also makes me feel better!
Priya said…
Oh god wat happened.Can guess how sad you will be.

SO sorry to hear this.

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