5 minute biscuit cake

It’s the 6th day of Jan 2013 today. Time flies so soon……I never came to know how the new year started and already the 6th day is here!
To start off with this months first post lets get sweet and short!
Now that’s A Dessert… Yes A CAKE- A QUICK CAKE. Its been a year since i baked anything So this one is for U!
I found this recipe from a Facebook food group and mind me its easy and super quick…. I made this twice as of now!
The first time I felt it’s a kind of dry but added over some choc sauce and enjoyed it!
Now this is Perfect !
We Need:
1 packet of glucose biscuit
1 packet Bourbon biscuit (total 38 biscuits including glucose biscuits)
3/4th tsp Eno Fruit Salt
4  tbsp Of Sugar (recipe asks for 3 tbsp but I added one more as the glucose biscuits aren’t that sweet)
½ cup of Ice cream (I used Mocha Almond, let it melt completely like a milk shake) * see notes
½ cup milk 

And Make it This Way!
Crush the biscuits roughly. Transfer to a blender/Mixer Grinder. Add all the other ingredients one by one and blend into a smooth paste.
Grease a microwave safe bowl with butteror oil. Transfer the cake batter in it. And microwave for 5 minutes.
·         Notes
The actual recipe calls for 1 cup milk. I wanted the chocolate as well as mocha flavor so I added Mocha almond ice cream of London diary!
The microwave timings may differ mine took only 5 minutes where as for one of my friend it took 6-7 min.
I have even sprinkled some icing sugar on it... but its completely optional.

 Let the cake cool  completely for 15 minutes atleast in the vessel and allow the bottom of the vessel to cool down completely then the cake comes our super clean. Invert the vessel on a large plate and tap tthe bottom and your cake comes out perfect.(this is Apy's idea which helped me out a lot this time :) ) 
We enjoyed few pieces with the mocha ice cream too!
Add lotzza Love in it to make it Yummy!!!!!
With Sweet Note Its time to say Bye,


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