Remember my last post where I spoke about monsoon magic???? Yeh u heard it right the next few posts will be related to Monsoon vegetables. The vegetables or fruits that we get during Rainy season!!!!  
 Yeh It’s raining for a couple of days already. Watching the rain brings back some childhood memories. Wow! I feel like ancient saying that. I remember when I was a young girl back in Mangalore I loved jumping around in my shorts in the muddy water, making paper boats and putting them in the rain water, coming back from school having a hot Cup of filter coffee biscuits or bonda’s or anything tht my mamama (till I was 10) and Amma(later on) prepared for me J.
Ah!!!!! I miss those days yep the school days where we used to put back our umbrella’s in the bag drench in the heavy rains splash our legs in the muddy water, or just arrive 5 minutes late during the assembly all becoz the bus was not on time becoz of the rains!!!! Yes the Rains!!! I love it!!!! I not here in Mumbai but back in mangalore the rains here are horrible sorry the roads and the muddy water is horrible rains r the same everywhere isn’t it??? LOL
I love the monsoon veggies Do u???
My Mamama always tells us that during her childhood she never even saw Beans, or Cauliflower…… can u believe it?  The vegetables what they saw was Magge(yellow cucumber) bamboo shoots, colocasia  leaves n so on….
Now we have so many vegetables yet I find there’s a lesser variety!!! ;) 


Last Monday was Ashaad Ekadashi and during that day we fast the whole day. Our Amchi fast Is filing the stomach with lots of varieties but no onion garlic or anything made of rice and outside food. Sometimes I feel is it a fast??? Its feast ;).
On Ashaad Ekadashi we make Gajbaje(this is made with all the monsoon vegetables) and its so yummy that I wait for rainy season just to eat this dish sometimes……
So here is today’s Monsoon Magic Recipe #1 – Gajbaje ( I have posted the recipe earlier but they did not have few items in it as I was out of India now that I m here I m posting the recipe in detail with all items in it J)
My before post it Here
What we need:
1cup magge pieces,
1cup yam(suran)pieces,,
1 cup tender breadfruit pcs
3-4 any thick green bhaji stems/green amaranth stem(denthu)
2 cups  ganti(patrado panna ganti/colocasia leave knots approx 20),
1 potato cubed,
1 cup tender bamboo(kirlu)pieces,
1 raw banana deskinned and cubed
Curshed and deskinned jackfruit seeds/bikkand  -25
Hog plums/ Ambado-4-5 crushed

The Method to make Ganti/colocassia knot is shown below

To grind
1coconut scraped approx 2 cups
1 roundi red chillis(whole)
2 tbsp roasted urad dal
little oil,(coconut oil,)
1tspoon mustard seeds(rai)
tamarind 2 pea sized


1. Take little oil in a pan ,fry urad dal till little brown ,add whole red chilles.fry for few seconds.
2.Grind grated coconut,tamarind, & above fried urad dal&red chillies pressure cooker add all  hard vegetables and  once a whistle comes switch of f the gas and when cools down and then add the soft vegetables and pressure cook for a whitsle more switch off gas after .(you can cook vegetables in the vessel instead of cooker).
4. Add ground coconut masala in it & boil it till it get mixed with all vegetables.
5. Make tadka of oil, mustard seeds ,& curry leaves. Add it in above curry. Curry should be semi dry .


Tastes Yum Yum Face Eating Yellow Smiley Decoration Images when u add lozza loveYellow Smiley Face In Love Decoration Images in it.

Will be back with another Yummy Monsoon recipe


Nitha said…
That knots looks so cute..

delicious one..
Anonymous said…
Woww.. that is such a awesome recipe.. I have never had this before. Thanks for the recipe dear :) Looks so yummy
divya said…
Healthy and tasty dish..Looks great!
Unknown said…
very new to me and interesting
Unknown said…
Very interesting and nice idea too...Looks very flavourful n yummy
new 2 me..nice name..:)
I agree that rains in Mumbai is horrible..
very interesting n absolutely yummy..
Tasty Appetite
thats a very unique recipe. never saw anything similar. the curry looks creamy and delish!
Reshmi Mahesh said…
Interesting recipe...cute knots...looks delicious.
Deepthi KR said…
First time to your space, I'm loving it. No doubt i'm following your blog.
I will be very Delighited to find you in my followers list.
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