Crunchy Munchy # 3 Charmuri Chuda/Charmuri Chivda


When u feel like munching something without oil yet something crispy and yumm here is Charmuri Chivda/Chuda for u…
Charmuri is a Konkani word for puffed rice.
Puffed Rice/Murmura/Kurmura - 7 cups
Peanuts/Groundnuts - 1 cup
Curry Leaves - a sprig (optional)
Red Chilli Powder - 2 tsp
Turmeric/Haldi - 1/4 tsp
Thick sev – 1 cup
Powdered Sugar - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 3 tbsp
1. Wash curry leaves and pat them dry.
2. Heat oil in a kadai.  Fry the peanuts till colour changes or roast the peanuts in MW oven.
3. Now, in the same kadai add curry leaves.  Saute till crisp now add puffed rice and sauté for a minute.  Then add fried peanuts.
Allow to cool for a while then add thick sev, red chilli powder, turmeric, salt and sugar. 
5. Mix well and chivda is ready. After it cools completely, store it in air tight container.

Tastes Yum Yum Face Eating Yellow Smiley Decoration Images when u add lozza loveYellow Smiley Face In Love Decoration Images in it.


Priya Sreeram said…
looks good, perfect for those hungry pangs
Sharmilee! :) said…
wow luv this series of ur crunchy munchy..looks crunchy and perfect to munch during tea time...Waiting for ur next crunchy munchy :)
love this a lot...
healthy snack dear :)
Prathibha said…
one of my fav snack..looks yumm
Prathibha said…
one of my fav snack..looks yumm
Priti said…
I make this almost weekly this :) ..yours looks so gud n those tiny shoe is so cute
Anonymous said…
Woww.. Yummm :) Love crunchy things :D
Nithya said…
I love love loveee this :) yummy. This never falls under junk food so amma allows me to eat as much as I want :)
Hari Chandana said…
Wow.. Yum yum yummm... lovely and tempting snack. looks inviting :)
Indian Cuisine
Priya said…
Love this chivda, super healthy and addictive..
divya said…
Finger licking good,drooling here..spicy and delicious snack..
Yummy Team said…
Crunchy and yummy chivda..
Uj said…
perfect snack to have in this rainy weather :) looks so inviting :) It is also one of my fav snack
Nitha said…
Looks really crunchy n munchy.. i love this snack.. have had this from my roomie...
Sushma Mallya said…
Looks too good ...I can munch them any time:)
One of my favorite snack, looks wonderful and yummy. And cute little tiny shoes.
♥Aps♥ said…
Thank U ladies!!!
one of our friend gifted me those shoes
A perfect snack to have with a cup of chai. Yumm!
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