♥ Focคcciค....ค first bคked breคd ♥ Nd M being Honest ♥

Ah! We never ate lozza bread during our childhood. It was always tht we ate bread only when we were not keeping well :P…but as we grew we started getting bread at home…Eggless- Harish Bakery bread (this one as it was one of the Amchi’s bakery nd one of our known ppl). As time pasd we started lovin the City Bakery Bread it was so soft nd moist….
Amma started making sandwiches (2-3 varities )…Anu doesn’t eat though(bcoz he never ate onions nor garlic). I loved the fried onion sandwich vch amma made….I remember the day we bought tht sandwich toaster….:P
We had been to Market in blore(10 yrs bac) tht….my aunt was just married nd new to tht place…she just took one jamun(jambul in konkani …the purple colour berry vch we get during april may) from the batti for taste so tht she cud buy the Bai (lady) there started shouting… Enamma hange tinnodu 50 ps kodi…. (how can u eat like tht now gimme 50 ps for one jamun) we were shocked actually as at tht time 50 ps for one jamun was so costly….:P…..guys u myt be wondering na from bread I went to market, jamun all those things….I m just like tht….:P I started the matter bcoz we bought tht toaster the same day….:P

I remember when once someone ( I don’t want to specify but I m sure if he reads this he will kno who m I spking about :P m sure after reading this he wud never take bread to someones house He he he :P) had visited our place and got 2 loafs of simple bread…As soon as he left all started telling is someone sick at our home tht he got bread…it was ok even if he never got ne thing…:P…..Nd thts bcoz we take bread to someone’s place or hospitals only if someone is sick isn’t it? ( I think m dragging this post too sick :P )…I donno each persons custom myt differ…..:P
Then on amma started making fried onion sandwiches which we just loved…it was so yum… I used to sit on my kitchen slab and relish them hot hot as she prepares.
Now to the bread story…….i ate bakery bread everytime….never tried home made bread but wanted to try it once….. when I started getting my hands on baking i decided of baking bread…. Nd tried my hand on wheat bread. It was in my drafts from more than 4 months :P
It got baked nd I nevr had a piece of it also bcoz I wanted my hubby to taste it first (as he is the guinea pig :P)
He ate the piece nd told Aps do u know ht u have baked???? I was worried then comes a answer its focaccia..Italian bread…..its so tasty….:P… …when I checked the pecipe it was similar…but they added cheese Parmesan nd mozzarella…vch I did not.
He he he I never knew the name though
Ne ways I stop my chatting patting here nd move on to my recipe

We need
Wheat flour – 2 cups
Finely powdered oats- ½ cup
Salt – 1 tsp
Milk – 4tbsp
Italian seasoning (basil,oregano,Rosemary,thyme) – 2tbsp
Garlic powder – 1 tsp
Water (luke warm) – 1 cup
Active Dry yeast – 1 tbsp
Black pepper – 1 tsp (crushed)
Butter/olive oil – 2 tbsp
Sugar – 1tsp
Seasme seeds - 1/2 tsp

Place yeast, sugar and milk in a bowl and mix to combine. set aside in a warm place for 5 minutes or until bubbles begin to form on surface.
Mix together the flour, salt, oil, water and yeast mixture, Garlic powder, Italian seasoning, pepper powder, in a bowl and mix until a smooth dough forms. knead on a lightly floured surface for 5 minutes or until smooth and elastic, adding a little extra flour to the dough if it becomes too sticky.
Roll it into a round shape and allow to rest for n hour or more.
Now knead the dough again nd mix well nd rest it for another hour. ( roll the dough into the shape u want to bake rectangular or round).
now apply seasme seeds on top.
Preheat oven at 350F
Now grease the baking tray nd place the bread on it and bake at 350 F for 20 minutes.
Remove from Oven and place on a wire rack.
Once cooled down cut slices.

I mixed it in a food processer as I dint want my hands to stick :P
Now a soft nd tasty bead is ready to Eat.


Add lozza ♥ to make it yummmm.♥

Here m awarded by two sweeties Sushma Mallya and


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Now 10 things vch I m going to tell u Guys....

1. M a Talketive Gal.... I can go on nd on.... My mom used to tell me even the washing stone wud break listening to me..... or i cud even speak to the street lamp.... I know its funny.

2. I love my parents a lot.... I kno i was a adamant daughter though.Nd I feel sorry for tht.

3. My husband is my life and he makes my day.

4. I love ice creams a lot u wake me up from my sleep nd offer me ice creams i wud be fresh :P.

5. Though i dont eat fresh strwaberries..... I love strawberry milk a lot...

6. I hate boasting nd Fake Swami (FS) type of pepole a lot. I just cant stand them.

7. I m a very straight forward person.... I kno its a plus as well as minus point....( i hate back stabbers).

8. I started cooking during my school days thts y i had'n to bang my head in kitchen after marraige :P.

9. I m mad about cook books/blogs, crafts,embroidery,nd ne thing nd everything artistic.... thats y i started a cook blog...nd m sure i will upload some artistic things in my blog soon.....these days m a bit crazy about cam's also...nd m learning to take good clicks from my hubby...He is clicks awesome snaps( i m sure he can start some part time job :P).

10. Laughter is the best medicine....this line will always suit me bcoz i laugh for small things....nd in college we(nandu nd me) ver known as laughing gals.......nd m sure if there was ne laughter award there we wud surely grab it.....:P

I kno i got u guys bored vth this but u guys had to bear me :P.

Now I m passing these award to some more sweeties.

The sweet and lovely Ujwal
The wonderful baker Divya Kudua
I call her Akka Padma Rekha
Lovely cook Lubna
Sweet bloggy Priti
Lovely nd a fast cook Red Chillies
The cuisine lady Suma

I kno evryone deserve this award but i kept to the rule :P...... now i think its time to say bubye.
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Keep Smiling

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srikars kitchen said…
wow.. its really excellant dear.. thxs for visiting my site & ur lovely comment.. added u in my blogroll..
Sushma Mallya said…
Its looks perfect Aps...doesnt look like a first time dish ...nothing better than a home made one isnt it..
Priti said…
Wow looks so gud sweety....nice click..Congrats on ur award and thanks for sharing
Red Chillies said…
Congrats on the award and good knowing about you Aparna. Thanks a bunch for passing it onto me :-))
Vrinda said…
First time here..bread cameout so perfect..
Hari Chandana said…
Simply superb.. Awesome.. :)
Chitra said…
It looks superb,wonderful try !!
Nithya said…
Bread looks perfect and yumm.. :) Nice blog on the whole. :)
Uj said…
Good going girl.. bread looks yummy!bread baking is very infectious believe me.. I made masala buns and pizza.. Planning to start with other breads once I am completely equipped!
Divya Kudua said…
You baked bread..??Fantastic..:).Love the neatly cut slices:).I haven't ventured into bread baking much,but hey,thanks for the term baker..loved to see me being addressed as one:).

Thanks for the award.I'll take up the tag soon:)
Aparna Prabhu said…
Thank u sri,
sushma really home made is always best.
Thank u priti,RC,Vrinda,Chandana,chitra,nithya.
U r ryt uj....we get crazy then...
Divs ur r a good baker...nd thank u for tht sweet comment.
Purva Desai said…
bread looks perfect.....soft and fluffy...
Congrats for the well deserved award
Priya said…
Prefectly baked bread, looks great..COngrats on ur award, nice reading and knowing about u..
Parita said…
Bread looks lovely dear..beautifully baked! congratulations on your award!
s said…
I love bread and am always looking out for new recipes..good one...
Same here with bread....as i grew old i started liking towards it....now it is once a week breakfast...love that italian seasoning used in making of it.....looks very soft and yum...nice to read about u.....congrats on the award and thanks for thinking of me with kind words.
looks really very good.

Try to participate in Think Spice - Think Red chillies event going on in my blog.
Nanditha Prabhu said…
wow! your first baked bread looks perfect ....
it was nice to read your tag ...
and congrats on ur award:)
rekhas kitchen said…
bread looks soft and perfectly baked nice pic. dear and thank you so much for passing that lovely award and congrats to you too.
Mythreyi Dilip said…
Focaccia looks great and perfect dear. Nice click!

Loved to read about you dear!
Suma Rajesh said…
hey thanks aparna for the tag...ur bread has come out too good ...nice try huh...
radha said…
The bread seems delicious. I love bread and can eat it all the time. And strangely, I cannot have bread when I am sick - quite the opposite!
Viki's Kitchen said…
Perfect bread dear. Can't say its your first try. Nice write up too.
Uj said…
hey nice layout.. looks good :D
What a perfect bake, looks so nice. Congrats on your award.

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